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Backend Engineer Focus on Payments

Capsule Social, Inc.
$90k - $90k est.

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A decentralized platform such as Capsule imposes some interesting challenges on the payment experience, especially when a wide range of payments options are offered, from credit cards to crypto transactions. The Payments Engineer is dedicated to implementing billing and payment operations to support the whole Capsule ecosystem (authors, readers, and hosts). The newly developed Capsule payment system should support several different payment methods and offer integration capabilities with top payment vendors. A successful candidate will also have previous experience with deploying and maintaining cryptocurrency-based payment systems. Our tech stack includes TypeScript, Node.js, Vue, IPFS, OrbitDB, and smart contracts. Tasks

The Payments Engineer will be responsible for all the purchase flow, guaranteeing scalability and security. You will design, implement and maintain a reliable, low-latency, payment processing system both for fiat and crypto transactions. You will work on back-end related tasks including payment-related integrations, payment gateways, security and fraud detection, payment verification and authorization. You will be actively involved in every part of the software development cycle, such as designing, coding, reviewing, and test writing. You will design and develop analytics dashboards and intelligence tools for both client and internal use. As a senior member of the team, you will be working in a highly collaborative, cross-functional environment, which requires collaboration with designers and engineers to identify opportunities and implement solutions.


Understanding of payment gateways and credit card technologies. Familiarity with payment processors and payments systems (PayPal, Stripe, Klarna, ...etc). Expertise in TypeScript/Node.js Familiarity with Web3, tokenomics, exchanges, swaps, etc. Well-versed in HTTP and web application stack including modern front-end/back-end technologies. Familiarity with regulatory requirements and compliance is a plus. Have demonstrated experience driving the architecture, engineering and software design of large-scale, multi-tiered, distributed software applications, databases, tools, systems, and services using service-oriented architecture, object-oriented design and distributed programming.


Fair pay, no matter where you live Freedom to work from wherever you want Generous work-from-home allowance and coworking stipend

What Makes You a Good Fit As important as your technical skills, there are certain qualities that will make you the perfect fit for Capsule.

Commitment - Innovation takes time. Therefore we’re looking for someone that can commit long-term, someone that we can rely on from the current pre-beta phase to the global launch and beyond. Dedication and initiative - Innovation is demanding. We don’t micromanage, so we’re looking for someone that takes charge of their own workload and delivers.