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$50k - $90k


$50k - $90k est.

This job is closed

Ubirch is a fast-growing technology startup with offices in Berlin, Cologne and Munich. We are committed to bringing integrity and trustworthiness to the Internet of Things. Based on cutting-edge cryptography and blockchain technology, we have developed and implemented a protocol, which makes data transfer in the IoT and other applications secure from tampering – similar to storing data in a blockchain, but without the time restrictions and processing power requirements of a full blockchain. Ubirch is still a relatively small startup, but our clients (and our ambitions) are huge. Join us and make the Internet of Things and data driven business models a reality!


Solving Problems


2+ years of experience with the following technologies (within the scope of commercial projects or as contributions to well-known open source projects)

  • Scala
  • Scala Test
  • Akka
  • HTTP
  • Cluster
  • Streams
  • Testkit
  • Linux Shell
  • git
  • Swagger
  • mindestens einer der Message-Queue-Lösungen: Kafka, AWS SQS, Rabbit MQ
  • MQTT oder CoAP
  • NoSQL Databases (MongoDB und/oder Elasticsearch)

You know your way around:

  • CQRS/Eventsourcing/Messaging
  • Spark
  • Tensorflow/Spark Mlib …
  • Graph Database (Neo4J/JanusGraph/GraphDB)
  • Docker/Kubernetes
  • solide Kenntnisse von RSA/ECC/AES/SHA


  • fair, competitive salary
  • maximum working-hours and locational flexibility
  • free choice of notebook, operating system and smartphone
  • work-life-cycle-balance: JobRad funding for a subsidised bicycle
  • bonus programs
  • financial and organisational help to relocate

please provide:

  • CV
  • References

general disclaimer:

we are excited to meet each person which meets these requirements gender, religion, nationality, etc. does not matter There is an option to work part time.

The person to talk to:

Michael Merz - jobs [at] ubirch .com

Matthias J. Jugel - jobs [at] ubirch .com