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San Francisco, CA, United States

$100k - $175k

$100k - $175k
San Francisco Bay Area US

About the Role:

3RM is building the sales infrastructure for the decentralized internet. We are looking for a Customer Success Lead (no web3 experience required!) to bring practical operations and traditional processes to an industry that needs it more than ever. 3RM is looking to find someone who can utilize our very web2 product to get users to that "Ah-Ha!" moment. We are looking for a leader who can provide structure to not only our company but the 1000+ organizations that we work with. We want to bring someone in who wants to make a real change in their customer's life and we want to enable you to be the best version of yourself.

New To Web3 or Curious, Here is A Primer:

We are building the sales infrastructure of the internet and here is why it matters:

The future of the internet is focused on user ownership. The vision of this change is inspired by true decentralization of authority and autonomy to the users instead of the companies. This has mostly been seen through the democratization of decision the making of large companies by enabling their users to vote on decisions and control the value that they create for the applications that they use online. Examples of this can be seen in the new wave of applications that are built to enable this behavior change. Decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), decentralized applications (dApps), and other products are built that embody these principles.

The decentralized internet has built a foundation of an incredible user base that is focused on shaping the future around these core principles. Our belief is that if we are able to build technology that enables the infrastructure that is currently being built, we will unlock the true potential of the technology and behavior change for the masses.

3RM’s vision is to create tooling that allows any participant in web3 to be able to meaningfully contribute to their relationships. Whether it’s sales, marketing, recruiting, or customer success we are building tooling that enables all of these roles to succeed. We do this by focusing on how you acquire, manage, and support the growth of these relationships.


We are looking for a highly motivated Customer Success Lead to join our team. We are cultivating an incredible culture of personal development, strong work-life balance, and true employee-centric processes. We believe that our goal is to enable our employees to do their best work, all the time. We are here to support your peak and see the results of your best work come to life.

Our teammates balance the benefits of unlimited PTO, Healthcare, Vision, Dental, new technology, conference travel, or anything that they need to be great. In return, we ask for people who want to shape a company in the mold of their own beliefs. We want to create a team of diversified thoughtful members unified around changing the way sales is done forever.


  • Foundational Respect - You'll be a key member of the founding team and have an instrumental role in helping define our vision and culture.
  • Customer Centric - We don't take it likely when we say that we deeply care about our customer and their customers. Building sales tools, we are constantly working to deeply understand our customers' business and how we can unlock their business operations.
  • Product Balanced - When you are building new technology, there is a lot of product work that is new and creative. As you engage with customers, we will use your insights to help shape the future direction.
  • "Ah-Ha!" Moment - Contributing to driving adoption, retention, expansion, and advocacy of our product and value to the space.


  • 5+ years in a customer-facing role is preferred
  • Solid experience in enterprise software implementation consulting, technical architecture, or highly relatable functions.
  • Ability to drive change within our customers and internally
  • Highly technical and able to communicate with cross-functional teams of varying technical savviness to succeed in managing projects
  • Strong interpersonal skills and experience in quickly building customer relationships
  • Able to quickly learn new configuration and customization skills along with having good product sense for innovative enterprise software.
  • Previous experience in a SaaS and/or technology company.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Have a continuous improvement mindset and contribute to the process of the team
  • Self-driven and track record of exceeding goals.

Nice To Haves

  • You've been a first or early hire at a fast-growing start-up before
  • You've got strong technical chops
  • You have experience using Telegram, or other social media channels
  • You have a familiarity with web3 or are willing to learn
  • You have a familiarity with CRM's and other enterprise sales software