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Amun 21Shares


$48k - $60k

ETP Operations Analyst

Amun 21Shares
$48k - $60k est.

This job is closed

What You Will Be Doing:

Exchange Traded Products

  1. Assisting the Senior Associate of ETP and Trading Operations with:
    • Management of daily trade flow across ETP products
    • Management and monitoring of daily rebalances activities across short and leveraged products
    • Support the Sales and Marketing team with documentation, product questions and KPI information
    • Work with Product and IT to enhance system capabilities and streamline processes
  2. Management of:
    • Daily portfolio composition file process
    • Oversight of accounting books and records
    • Monitoring our market maker trading spreads across various exchanges
    • Confirm and settle ETP orders with APs and custodians
    • Confirm and settle crypto trades


  1. Assistance with reconciliations
  2. Movement of corporate funds for cash management purposes


  1. Ensure all controls are diligently performed, completed, and signed-off on a timely basis
  2. Working with finance team on revenue management

What You Need To Be Great In This Role:

  • 2+ years of experience in financial services
  • Extreme attention to detail and care deeply about outcomes.
  • Experience collaborating with trading, compliance and other internal groups.
  • Strong willingness and enthusiasm to learn new topics and be dynamic in a rapidly evolving company and space. And you are excited to go all in crypto investment.
  • Python Knowledge