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Blockchain Security Engineer

Aspiron Search
$11k - $63k est.

This job is closed

If you have an offensive security mindset and get excited about breaking and building complex systems, then this role is for you!

We are partnering with a leading Quantitative Crypto Trading Firm who are building the infrastructure needed to facilitate the growth of the future Crypto ecosystem. They have a team of exceptionally smart individuals that play an instrumental role in the development of some of the most innovative Crypto communities and projects.

It's an exciting time to join the security team which is in its infancy and an even better opportunity to work alongside some of the best researchers and senior developers in the world.

What you need to bring to this role:

  • Crypto Natives: Proven experience with Smart Contract Auditing (preferably Solidity)
  • Non-Crypto Natives: Proven Web2 Offensive Security experience, Reverse Engineering, PenTesting, Hacking
  • You will need to have a passion for the space: Web3, DeFi Protocols, Crypto, Blockchain.
  • Any experience leading pen tests, CTFs, bug bounty programs, and red team exercises is great.
  • Development and Secure Code Review in any of these languages (GoLang, Solidity, Python, Typescript, Javascript, Go, Rust, C++, Java, Node JS).

If you’re an experienced blockchain security professional or web3 enthusiast looking for a lucrative opportunity to elevate your career – please get in touch!