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Step Finance

Turkey, NC, United States

$84k - $150k

Nyan Heroes

Singapore, Singapore

$98k - $101k




Hong Kong, Hong Kong

$84k - $90k


London, United Kingdom

$39k - $67k



$46k - $120k

Cash App

San Francisco, CA, United States

$263k - $395k


New York, NY, United States

$63k - $102k

Crypto Tutors

Birmingham, United Kingdom

$32k - $54k

Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

United States

$63k - $100k

Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

United States

$63k - $110k


United States

$76k - $100k


United States

$36k - $87k

Contract Pharmacal Corp

New York, NY, United States

$100k - $150k

Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

United States

$73k - $90k

Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

United States

$189k - $198k

Proof of Play

United States

$145k - $190k

Magic Eden

United States

$160k - $180k

Hyphen Connect

United States

$72k - $100k


United States

$90k - $110k

San Francisco, CA, United States

$54k - $90k


Gurugram, India

$90k - $110k


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

$72k - $112k

Chiru Labs


$170k - $220k

Chiru Labs


$170k - $220k

Step Finance
$84k - $150k est.

Job Description:

Are you a blockchain enthusiast with a passion for teaching and a knack for organizing? Solana Allstars is looking for dynamic Country Managers to join our global adventure in spreading the word about Solana! As a Country Manager, you'll turn your love for crypto into a full-time, around-the-clock mission, bringing the excitement of blockchain technology to communities everywhere.

Key Responsibilities:

- Educate and Inspire: Lead engaging workshops and interactive sessions to educate people about the Solana blockchain and decentralized finance. Your goal is to turn every interaction into an onboarding opportunity.

- Event Organization: Plan and host vibrant meetups, attracting groups of 100+ attendees. You'll be the life of the Solana party, ensuring each event is a hit.

- Community Building: Build and nurture a local community of blockchain enthusiasts. Manage volunteers and create a supportive network where knowledge and enthusiasm can flourish.

- Travel: Be prepared to travel extensively. Whether it's a bustling city or a remote town, you'll bring the Solana spirit wherever you go.

- Schedule Management: Handle a busy, high stress, and dynamic schedule with ease, ensuring all events and activities run smoothly.

- Volunteer Coordination: Recruit, manage, and motivate volunteers to assist in organizing and running events, ensuring everything is executed flawlessly.


- Blockchain Expertise: Strong knowledge of crypto, with a special focus on Solana. Your enthusiasm for blockchain should be contagious! You MUST be a Solana native.

- Teaching Passion: A natural teacher who loves to share knowledge and can make complex topics accessible and fun.

- Organizational Skills: Highly organized with the ability to manage multiple events, schedules, and volunteers simultaneously.

- Flexibility: Comfortable with a busy, ever-changing schedule and the ability to adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities.

- Travel Readiness: Willing and excited to travel with very high frequency, embracing the adventure of taking blockchain education to diverse communities.

- Community Focus: See every person you meet as a potential blockchain enthusiast and onboard them into the Solana community.

- English Proficiency: Skilled in both verbal and written communication.

- Important note before you apply: This will be the hardest job you’ve ever had, it will be exhausting at times, and is a life>

How to Apply:

To apply, send your resume along with a video of yourself explaining why you are the right person for this role to [email protected]. Don't forget to include your social media accounts and add the country you are applying for in the subject line of the email.

Important: Please also write your favorite superhero or cartoon character in the email you send.

Join us in making blockchain education an exciting global journey! Apply now and be part of the Solana Allstars team, onboarding the next billion crypto users.

What does a blockchain developer do?

A blockchain developer is a software developer who specializes in the development of applications that make use of blockchain technology

Some of the responsibilities of a blockchain developer may include:

  • Designing and implementing smart contracts.
  • Creating and maintaining the infrastructure that supports the blockchain network, and developing user-facing applications that make use of the blockchain.
  • Additionally, a blockchain developer may also be responsible for researching and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in blockchain technology, in order to ensure that their applications are secure and efficient.