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$36k - $110k est.
United States New York US

Eulith is a venture-backed, early-stage startup building an institutional-grade execution engine for DeFi. This engine will enable a new class of systematic strategies backed by robust operational confidence. Our trading tools are the first of their kind in DeFi.

Our leadership led one of the largest Solidity code bases ever (14,000 LOC). That company was acquired in 2021. Everyone, including the CEO, comes from technical backgrounds ranging from physics to math and computer science. We have unique experience building in traditional fintech (since 1999) and DeFi (since 2017). Our team comes from Harvard and other fancy places.

We’re looking for a backend engineer. Someone who foresees the embedded risks and complexity of every “simple” feature, then writes and tests their code as if it’s their mother’s life-support system. Your PRs have made the blind to see, the deaf to hear, and contain the answers to Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind. If you carry around a proof for P ≠ NP in your back pocket, please reach out.


Architect backend features, develop them in Rust, test rigorously, submit PRs, review PRs.

Your PRs should indicate a thorough understanding of the whole problem (no “guestimate solutions”) and an internalization that your code will go straight into production.

Code should follow best practices, which you should already be intimately familiar with. Best practices referring to e.g. Clean Code by Robert Martin.

Your work is done with memory management, time/space complexity, and security in mind.

We’re a small team, we do not have a lot of “processes” (no regular “all hands” meetings, etc.)

We Look For:

+10 years experience as a systems-level backend engineer (e.g. C/C++).

+3 years in the financial industry, ideally in crypto/defi.

Experience working in a high growth tech startup.

We ship - a lot - of code; we’re looking for a high output individual.