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$200k - $600k
NY New York US

Execution Quant - Crypto Trading Platform


For those who like building new platforms, this is an opportunity to work for a well capitalized crypto-fund that's building an institution grade crypto execution platform.

This is a startup opportunity, so we're looking for someone who can handle a broad scope of responsibilities and is not reliant on highly siloed organizations.

Compensation will be base + bonus totaling in the $200k-$600k USD range.

We're open to superstars around the world, although the team is mostly US based.

Cool Things You Get To Do

  • Analyze market microstructures, cost of trade, and liquidity.
  • Write execution algos to optimize order based strategies. (VWAP, TWAP, and more)
  • Use ML, stats modeling, and various optimization techniques to improve execution
  • Backtest and simulate your system to identify performance bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement
  • Partner with traders, developers, and leadership to get sh*t done.

Things You Should Probably Know

  • Market Microstructure and Algo Trading fundamentals
  • How crypto trading differs from TradFi markets
  • Coding in Python, C++, and/or R.
  • Stats modeling and ML algos, and associated optimization techniques.
  • How order routing and management works and how it's related to market connection protocols

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