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Senior DevOps Engineer Web3

$150k - $225k

This job is closed

Ideal Candidate

You love to see the right technologies and tools enable software to run reliably and securely. You understand how automation can improve speed and prevent errors and downtime. You strive to have rock-solid and usable security. You enjoy helping build systems where people can help themselves instead of constantly shouting your name for help. You get excited by challenging problems that require immersing yourself in new technology.

About LoanSnap/HomeCoin

We are a small, smart, and fun team backed by top VC firms. We're rebuilding an aging financial system all the way from end to end and have already saved our customers $100s of millions. Our two founders, Karl Jacob and Allan Carroll, are serial entrepreneurs whose companies have helped millions of consumers from protecting them from spam to communicating with family members. Now we are helping consumers with the largest financial transaction of their lives and making it possible for anyone to bypass the banks and earn directly from a transparent, stable source.

Job Description

Your job will be to support our blockchain systems and our customer and internal-facing services, automate everything in sight, and work with the team to implement technologies and ideas that improve the company’s products and performance. There will be a balance of working on future initiatives that improve our infrastructure as well as diagnosing and fixing issues that occur day-to-day.

You're good at:

  • Deploying, securing, and maintaining distributed systems.
  • Solving problems and debugging issues across the entire infrastructure.
  • Recognizing scenarios where automation needs to be added to increase uptime, self-healing, scaling, and reduce the risk of human error.
  • Identifying potential security vulnerabilities or ways to improve our current security offerings.
Extra Credit:

  • You can present a system you’ve built/automated, in detail, using a cloud provider and related tools.
  • You have experience working with common open source applications like nginx, mysql, rabbitmq, and redis
  • You have a passion for something outside the office