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The Modern Billboard Collective CEO

$63k - $90k est.

This job is closed

What if you could own digital real estate on your favorite websites?

A group of Internet friends came together to reflect on these questions. The result was The Modern Billboard Collective – a collective of startups selling space on their websites as NFTs.

What started as a simple concept to allow contributing websites to sell digital real estate has since evolved into what is being considered a decentralized AdSense.

A proof of concept went live last month and has since garnered a lot of interest! We believe there is tremendous opportunity to grow and expand upon this foundation. While the project was birthed and built by a group of Internet friends who run their own companies, the Modern Billboard Collective needs and deserves dedicated stewardship and ownership to evolve and scale it.

We are now looking for a CEO/leader interested in stewarding, nurturing, and harnessing the Modern Billboard’s potential.

Ideal profile: experience building & scaling internet products, web3 curious, scrappy, and experience building/growing early stage products.

Interested in digging into questions like: * How can we unseat centralized digital real estate exchanges - like AdSense? * How do we build & scale a network of websites selling lots and buyers of lots? * What are the main use cases for owned lots on websites?

Read more on: https://themodernbillboard.com/ Reach out to [email protected] & [email protected] to express interest and discuss further.

Let’s modernize the future of digital real estate together.

Read more on: https://themodernbillboard.com/