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Solutions Architect

NAX Group
$63k - $67k est.

This job is closed

Company Description

NAX Group enables corporate partners to realize the full potential of their proprietary assets

through the development of new asset-backed ventures and securities. From seed to

securitization, NAX co-leads the commercialization of these initiatives alongside its partners. It has

three distinct but complementary divisions to repurpose corporate assets: (i) Commercial

Development, (ii) Technology and (iii) Securitization. This position is within NAX’s Technology Group.

NTG’s mission is to revolutionize digital-asset economies and B2C payment systems. We

accomplish this by building next-generation, enterprise-grade solutions, utilizing both traditional

and decentralized technologies.

Job Description

As a Solution Architect, you will evaluate technical needs for projects and design and integrate

information and systems that meet those needs. You will be responsible for the form of products

and services, and the software and hardware that will best meet requirements. You will also

examine current systems architecture, and work with business leaders and technical staff to

recommend solutions that result in more effective systems. As a Solution Architect, you will

interface with key stakeholders, internal and external, as well as other teams in the NAX ecosystem.

This is a position on a high-achieving, experienced team. This opportunity will provide a seat at the

table for key management decisions, diversity of project work, opportunity to build not only

innovative new blockchain products/tools, but also help launch new ventures in collaboration with

Fortune 500 clients.

Candidates must be adept at building and managing high-functioning teams (offshore and

onshore), ideating and designing enterprise-grade, highly-scalable and secure products based on

client needs, innovating technical solutions based on blue-sky business opportunities and

operating in a fast-paced, demanding environment.

The rewards of this opportunity are vast. This person will be coming in at the ground floor of a

high-tech, high-velocity startup innovating at the cutting-edge intersection of FinTech and DeFi.

They will have the opportunity to work with world-class partners across the financial, venture and

blockchain spaces and shape company priorities and vision.

Key Responsibilities

● Provide detailed specifications and requirements for proposed solutions/product builds

● Define clear technical goals for all aspects of a project and manage their proper execution

● Establish framework for necessary contributions from various departments

● Analyze current technologies used across various projects and engagements and

determine ways to improve

● Account for possible project challenges on constraints including, risks, time, resources and


● Work closely with Project Management teams to successfully monitor progress of initiatives

● Work closely with Information Technology professionals within the company to ensure

hardware is available for projects and working properly

Required Skills

● Technical consulting background with 5+ years of experience

● Project management and leadership skills are essential

● Experience developing IT and cloud infrastructure

● MS degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent is preferred

● Current understanding of best practices regarding system security measures

● Experience in software engineering and design architecture (Blockchain, Web3, Ethereum, Solidity or similar languages.)

● Positive outlook in meeting challenges and working to a high level

● Advanced understanding of business analysis techniques and processes

● Professional experience working with and analyzing computer hardware and software

● Extensive knowledge and experience working with operating systems

● Previous consulting experience is a plus