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101 Blockchains is hiring instructors to create courses on Web 3 and anything related to blockchain technologies.

Our course instructors have years of professional experience in blockchain and related technologies. They help in creating courses on blockchain and emerging topics in the field of Crypto, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse and Web 3. Course instructors serve a crucial role in shaping and growing the learning resources available on 101 Blockchains with their practical insights. Our course instructors also help in creating other learning resources such as course presentations and demos in engaging video lectures. They also take on the role of subject matter experts and help resolve queries of learners.

Even if you haven’t created a course before, you will have the support required to transform your Web 3 knowledge into insightful courses. Our technical team will guide you along the way with all the help you need to create amazing Web 3 technology courses.

What You’ll Do as a Course Instructor

  • Create new Web 3-related courses with clearly organized learning resources
  • Identify new trends in Web 3 technologies and incorporate them into learning materials
  • Empower discussions about Web 3 technology
  • Work in collaboration with the technical team and hone all aspects of Web 3 courses to offer better learning experiences
  • Manage the content of the courses and update them with new information on a regular basis

The Experience You’ll Need

  • 3+ years of experience in the field of Web 3 technologies with over 3 years of professional or industry expertise.
  • Must have an unwavering dedication to the field of Blockchain / NFTs / DeFi / Metaverse / Web 3
  • Commitment to the broader cause of encouraging blockchain education and research.

A Bit about 101 Blockchains

101 Blockchains makes blockchain learning and training an incredible experience with amazing course instructors in our team. You can be a part of our team, which strives for excellence in blockchain education and training while enjoying what we do best.

We are covering new grounds in blockchain technology and the web3 space by introducing courses on new trends. At 101 Blockchains, We're on a mission to enhance the skills, and knowledge of Blockchain and Web3 professionals.