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New York City Metropolitan Area US

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Company Background

1Token is a leading tech provider of front-to-back office operating systems for global Web3 financial institutions. A digital asset equivalent of Sungard / SS&C / Hang Seng Electronics, 1Token serves 40+ institutional clients across APAC, EMEA, and North America.

  • Diverse Clientele Across All Verticals of Web3 Finance
  • Buy-side: asset manager / RIAs, funds / FoFs, ETF, defi yield farmer, PE/VC, Web3 corporate treasury (mining institutions, DAOs, blockchain / protocol foundations, exchanges etc.)
  • Sell-side: prime broker, institutional lending platforms, custody sales & trading, derivative OTCs
  • 3rd party service providers: Web3 fund admin, audit firms, banks etc.
  • Anti-cyclical Business Model with Significant Long-term Growth Potential
  • SaaS revenue model ensures stable income stream
  • 40+ institutional clients with $20bn+ AUM managed using 1Token
  • 10x top-line growth delivered since 2020
  • Estimate 100+ & 300+ global clients by end of 2023 and 2024
  • Strong Team with Deep Industry Experiences Across Tech, Web3 & Finance
  • Prior to 1Token, founders successfully established one of the top global crypto funds ($300m prop shop; well-known market maker in the crypto industry; providing liquidity for 100+ crypto exchanges globally)
  • Core team consists of graduates from NTU, University of Chicago, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Tongji and other top global universities
  • Core team includes former employees from Morgan Stanley, ByteDance, McKinsey & Co., Refinitiv, Hang Seng Electronics, etc.
  • Strong Institutional Investors Background
  • Completed 1st round of financing in 2021 with USD$10+ MM raised
  • Direct shareholders include well-known Fintech companies, Web3 exchanges & VC funds
  • Indirect shareholders include Goldman Sachs, Temasek, National Financial Corporation (IFC) etc.

Role Background

  • During the past 2 years of the COVID epidemic, our BD team acquired institutional clients via online outreach to core decision makers at these firms
  • With our industry-leading products, we’ve seen a stable client conversion rate among the potential clients we meet
  • Hence, getting in contact with core decision makers at these global Web3 financial institutions has become a crucial step to achieve global business growth
  • To further supplement our online coverage, we are looking to hire locally based BD team members who can meet up with prospective institutions face-to-face
  • It is also expected that the local BD team members can catch the latest market development and capture newly emerged local leads
  • Institutional participation in the Web3 financial market today is still pre-mature , and thousands of financial institutions are anticipated to enter the market in the next few years
  • As immense market value will be created by these institutional entrants, significant business opportunities are yet to be unlocked by our local BD team

Role Responsibility

  • Global BD responsible for local client coverage and lead generation in one of the strategic regions (HK / SG / London / NY)
  • Establish contact with 500 -1000 potential buy-side & sell-side institutional clients, and closely connect with core decision makers from relevant BU (management / investing / trading / risk / operations / finance) at these firms
  • Perform pre-sale consulting, collect & discuss clients’ technology needs
  • Collaborate with 100+ global Web3 exchanges / custody / fund admin on institutional and individual partnership
  • Represent 1Token at important industry conferences and events (AIMA / SIFMA / MFA etc.)

Role Requirement

  • Prior academic and/or professional background in Finance / Tech (CFA & other industry certificates will be a plus)
  • Native or fluent in English (TOEFL 100+/ IELTS 7+ ; global study or living experiences preferred)
  • Strong sense of mission and ability to adapt to role with flexible mobility
  • Outstanding critical thinking, communication and logical organization skills
  • Quick learner who can pick up industry & product knowledge fast
  • Priority is given to candidates with 1-2 years of work experience in investment banking/ trading / consulting / exchanges / fund admin

Role Long-term Development

  • Deep involvement and understanding of the global Web3 financial industry and the various buy-side & sell-side business verticals
  • Industry resources and networks for first-hand knowledge and insight from leading institutions
  • Building personal KOL in the field of emerging asset


  • Compensation will consist of two parts: base salary and sales commission
  • Base salary will match local market pay
  • US: USD 90k-120k / year
  • UK: GBP 60-80k / year
  • SG: SGD 7k-9k / month
  • HK: HKD 30k-50k / month
  • Sales commission will be a fixed % of deal closed
  • Estimated 40%-80% base after 1st year assuming 30-50 closed deal during 1st year
  • Installed monthly starting 1st month of client payment

Contact Us: [email protected]

*Please do not apply on Linkedin!!!