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Partnerships Collab Manager

2.5 Intelligence
$40k - $60k

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EDIT: Job has been filled!

2.5 Intelligence builds free blockchain data tools for NFT communities

We're a venture funded startup looking to establish collabs and partnerships with other NFT communities and Discord bot creators. We're not selling anything -- just looking to get users to use our data and engage in our Discord community.

About the position
You'll be self-directed in helping establish collabs and partnerships with other communities. You'll have a budget to spend in making these connections as well as significant influence in our development roadmap for our bot and data products.

If you're US based, you will be hired as an employee and received full health/dental benefits.

About 2.5 Intelligence
The blockchain contains something never before seen in internet history: open, public, transactional data on every wallet address that creates an incredibly nuanced picture of our communities. 2.5 Intelligence is building open, public, tools and protocols for accessing blockchain intelligence and giving it away to all.

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