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Community Manager

Aleo Systems
$36k - $52k est.

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Community Manager. Remote, Full-time


Aleo is hiring a Community Manager who is well-versed in the blockchain, crypto and decentralized technology ecosystem. The ideal candidate is passionate about privacy and has a familiarity with developer tools and/or working directly with developers. You will be joining our team to oversee and grow our community through the online and in-person channels.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Serve as a focal point for the community for questions, announcements, upcoming events, launches, and more.
  • Moderate online conversations happening on Discord and other community channels.
  • Guiding developers to the right answers to their technical questions.
  • Bring lessons, feedback, concerns, and suggestions from the community back to the Aleo team.
  • Manage working relationships with our team of open-source contributors and community ambassadors.
  • Assist with operations around the Aleo Grants and Ambassadors Programs.
  • Attend virtual and in-person events, hackathons, and conferences to support Aleo’s presence, interact with the community, and evangelize Aleo’s mission.
  • Focus rigorously on growing the Aleo community across existing and new channels to create a strong, dedicated, and growing community.

What we look for in you:

  • Past experience growing the developer community in early-stage technologies.
  • Deep knowledge of popular community platforms, including Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram.
  • An understanding of the blockchain and decentralized technology ecosystem. In particular, the privacy landscape.
  • Somebody who can grasp the underlying technical architecture of Aleo and package that into something easily understood by our community.


  • Github Profile.
  • Prior experience, and/or deep self-taught knowledge in cryptography, computer science, and/or blockchain technology.
  • Existing experience and/or relationships in the blockchain ecosystem.