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Singapore, Singapore

$12k - $36k

Fullstack web3 developer

$12k - $36k

This job is closed

We are looking for a full-stack web3 developer.

If you consider yourself a professional coder (or you know one) who enjoys hacking complex problems and has pride in delivering results, please apply for this position.


Collaborate with peer developers and deliver working code that is easy to integrate and maintain in the overall Amplify product.

Hard requirements
Main concideration for us when looking for a perfect match is your experience with the following languages:

  1. Node.js - very efficient
  2. Solidity - efficient

Tools we use
A little intro into our process and tools.

  • Our code is running in serverless environment (Mongo Realm and Vercel)
  • Our source of thruth DB is the blockchain itself (Polygon). We querry the data via GraphQL which is provided by The Graph (event sourcing tool for EVM chains).
  • Our dApp app is build using Svelte (+Sapper).

Spirit and collaboration way
We work in a self organised manner based on few principles, including agile product development framework.
We strongly believe in a team values which we define together as a team. These values help us to align and eventually enjoy the collaboration process. A good understanding of a positive interdependence and being a team player is a must.

If you feel excited about the opportunity to become a full-stack team member, please contact Vadim via https://t.me/zolotokrylin.

Amplify focuses on Finance Technology and Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in Singapore. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://ampt.tech