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$200k - $270k
NY New York US

Company description

Anaxyn helps people easily get more from their crypto asset & simplify their crypto investment experience. Our engineering team run hundreds of blockchain nodes, integrates with numerous DeFi smart contracts and run numerous real time robo trading to simplify the life our customers.

We’re here so that everyone can be part of the global cryptocurrency movement. Join us.


DeFi analyst to support the growth of the ecosystem by identifying protocol integration opportunities and deriving business insights from the analysis of on-chain activity. You will be responsible for analysing DeFi protocols, determining how these protocols should integrate with our products, and providing recommendations for where the company should allocate its resources based on your research and analysis. This will require you to have a passion for DeFi, a deep technical and financial understanding of our treasury structure and the mechanics of DeFi protocols.

DeFi analyst should have the ability to source opportunities and create research briefings quickly and effectively by analysing opportunities throughout the crypto ecosystem. Identify and recommend DeFi integration opportunities. Summarize analysis into reports that describe the target protocol, how we would best fit into it, and why the company should dedicate resources to this opportunity.

DeFi analyst will be instrumental in the accuracy and timeliness of our forecasts, and in helping the business understand and quantify the risks associated with the crypto assets, both on our balance sheet and on our product roadmap.


1.Intense interest, extensive network and deep technical understanding of Decentralised finance – knowledge of existing successful DeFi protocols and a vision for the direction of DeFi development.

2.Intellectual curiosity and a passion to contribute to the construction of the project, product and service offering.

3.Knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of governance token.

4.Innate ability to interpret data and trends in order to anticipate potential risks and essentially contribute to the project’s growth.

5.Strong technical skills. The ability to read code is required, the ability to write code is a plus. Smart contract programming languages, particularly, Solidity and Python.

6.A strong work ethic and the ability to operate independently.

7.Ability to chart data, plot graphs, and calculate price points.

8.Financial modelling and projection.


200k-270k USD per year