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Rust Blockchain Developer

$90k - $117k est.

This job is closed

Arcadia is looking to hire experienced Rust developers with experience working in the blockchain industry. The role pertains to building smart contract infrastructure and implementing common smart contract standards and models onto the Casper Blockchain with then the Casper Ecosystem

Some responsibilities include:

  • Exploring new technologies in it's very nescient stages, and experimenting with new smart contract models
  • Implementing key software systems for decentralized finance protocols and NFT platforms
  • Experience working with engineering teams working in complex and cutting edge technologies
  • Experience working with Smart Contracts (not necessarily in Rust, as knowledge of how contracts work in Solidity is just as relevant)
  • Keeping a vigilant eye on security considerations and developing with a security centric mindset.
  • Maintaining simplicity when relevant during systems design and development
  • Excellent generalist programming ability, in Solidity or Rust

Arcadia provides substantive amounts of vacation time, PTO, and other relevant perks.