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Arx Research
$80k - $160k
CO Boulder US

Arx Research is a small team focused on building hardware and protocols for enabling authentic physical crypto assets, IRL token gating and radically simple self-custody.
The core team has worked on secure hardware for over a decade and created the technology behind KONG Cash, Offline Cash and the PBT (physically backed token). Arx Research has supplied projects like Azuki, Poolsuite, CabinDAO and Metafactory with tens of thousands of secure chips to date.
In conjunction with new hardware, we’re working on an open protocol bridging secure chips with manufacturers, brands and end users – the Ethereum Reality Service or ERS.
While we have an incredible amount to build, we’re focused on doing so with a small, agile team. As such we’re looking for candidates who are ambitious and fearless with respect to building new technologies.
What we’re looking for

  • Someone willing to quickly prototype frontend experiences that demonstrate chips interacting with smart contracts.
  • 2+ years of experience with a frontend framework like React, Angular, Nextjs
  • Some experience with Ethers.js or web3.js
  • A general understanding of smart contracts and core Ethereum standards like ERC721 and ERC20

Bonus Skills
  • Experience with Solidity, Vyper or another smart contracting language
  • Backend development experience, e.g. Express, Next
  • You’ve worked for an early stage startup before and enjoy the independence to ship quickly
  • Open source contributions and library creation experience

To apply please link your GitHub and previous projects