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ATO Platform
$120k - $200k
New York New York United States

ATO Platform is an art asset management solution pioneering the next era of the art industry – finally democratizing the art industry for living artists, and what we decide is recorded in museum. Unlike any other company you might code for, ATO is the one that will directly infleunce history for potentially hundreds of years. Built on Polkadot parachains Moonriver and Moonbeam, ATO Platform collects royalties for fine art artists via its propritary game theory model, promotes pricing transparency, and prevents counterfeits.

We're developing a first-of-its kind ecosystem that tracks physical art(and digital) on the blockchain, and eventually a native currency and social rewards token. ATO is a novel art sales validation protocol via crowd consensus tested with finance industry best practices.

We're looking for an experienced blockchain developer to join full-time and lead the execution of our roadmap going forward, launching our app on a live Polkadot Parachain (Moonriver or Moonbeam) as well as begin to build out a supporting team.

The ideal candidate has:

Multiple years of experience developing DApps
1 Year or more experience with Substrate development
Experience building Proof of Authority
Experience building Proof of Stake
Understanding of Polkadot, Moonriver, Moonbeam, and Kusama protocols
Experience with council modules
Understanding of tokenomics & ecosystem structuring
Experience developing in Rust
Great English communication skills
What we can offer:

The role is full-time and includes equity compensation in addition to cash salary. The role also includes potential for promotion to VP of Engineering or CTO if the candidate can manage both the blockchain and general dev teams.

Help finish a cutting-edge technology that will change the face of the contemporary art industry (90% of UI/UX is complete with 80% of front-end code complete. We are 2 months from launch on parachain)
Work closely with top industry experts
Learn about the art industry and how to invest in artists
Small remote team, or an upcoming office in Miami
Be one of the first full-time employees
Travel benefits to blockchain conferences
A fun environment with some solid banter

ATO Platform focuses on Mobile, Art, Blockchains, and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning. Their company has offices in New York. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

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