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Big Monocle

Salt Lake City, UT, United States

$85k - $110k

Big Monocle
$85k - $110k est.
Salt Lake City Metropolitan Area US

Senior-Level Designer wanted

We have an immediate need for a lead designer who is proficient in brand and web. Here are some key components of what we’re looking for:

  • Top-level branding chops: conceptual thinking, sketching, typographic principles, color theory, layout and grid systems, branding and brand principles, UI/UX, rapid ideation and prototyping of ideas, translating brand values and messaging into visual representation. Any interest or experience in Web3/NFT work is also a plus.
  • Software: You have proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, Google Suite, Figma, and other design tools. Some iIllustration, 3D and motion experience desired.
  • Utah: You must live in the Salt Lake City area. This position is hybrid. We’ll require you to work from the office in downtown SLC a few days a week and home the others. We conduct several offsite creative sprints with clients every quarter that require a few days overnight.
  • Values: We’re anti-grind, we all deserve beautiful lives in and out of work, and that’s a journey you wholeheartedly want to be a part of. This doesn’t mean we don’t do hard things. We do. We just do them with play, insane attention, and ease. For this reason, we have a 4-day workweek. Friday’s are days we buy from you and provide back to you for filling your cup.

Job Description:

  • Work directly with clients on branding, web, and ongoing marketing support.
  • Wear several hats, including managing your own projects and timelines.
  • Creative exploration and strategic thinking— you both come up with ideas and execute on them.
  • Typically you’d be working on around 4-5 projects/clients at a time.
  • We offer competitive pay, benefits, PTO,401k matching, and a 4-day workweek.

To apply, email us at [email protected] with the following:

  • A brief, 2-3 sentence, intro about you.
  • Your location
  • What you’re looking for from a job (types of projects, salary expectations, etc.)
  • A link to your portfolio
  • Resume

About us:

Big Monocle is an award-winning creative agency founded by Amy Stellhorn in 2012 in Silicon Valley and is now headquartered in Salt Lake City. We work with everyone from Fortune 50 titans to growing startups to for-good causes and companies, crafting experiences through brand and web design.

We are a small team of core employees that are 100% invested in a vision that work should be delightful, fulfilling, and full of ease. We are looking for someone to join that team and share in that vision.

Big Monocle’s Values:

  • If it’s worth our time, it’s worth our insane attention —this is how we do hard and magical things.
  • We don’t believe that multi-tasking or constant attention shifting is a good way to work. We are willing to pay the price to remove distractions and get into flow.
  • This is pro ball, only stars allowed — this is how we work and interact as a team.
  • We own our responsibilities, don’t need ourselves or our projects managed by others, take accountability for mistakes, and self-appreciate and celebrate our successes. We are both collaborative and independent.
  • You can’t pour from an empty cup —this is how we are able to show up with peace, ease, and insane attention.
  • We know we do our best work when we have full-cup energy— when we have energy, curiosity, and are able to flow. Everyone fills their cup differently, through rest, adventure, hobbies, etc., but however we do it, it’s a business imperative that we do it. To this end, we’re currently operating with a 4-day workweek model.
  • We steer the ship — this is how we interact with our clients and empower ourselves as the experts we are.
  • We go deep in understanding the destination, the end goal, or the desired outcome for every project we take on. From there, it’s up to each of us as individuals to use our expertise and experience to get there.
  • The work isn’t work, it’s play —this is our guiding attitude towards the work.
  • Work doesn’t have to always be hard. It doesn’t have to be a grind. It’s not always easy, but can almost always be done with more ease, more fun, more delight. We’re not afraid to ask ourselves, our team, our clients, “Is there a better way?”

After you apply, there will be a phone screening and interview. If we choose to move forward beyond that in the application process we will reach out to you and give you a paid work sample to do with us.

  • To understand our process, learn more about us, or see our work, visit: