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Web3 Full Stack developer

$40k - $80k

This job is closed

About the Company

BITONITE is a copy trading company where users can follow different traders to benefit from their trading activities. Our mission is to enable the transition from a centralized platform to a decentralized platform. For this purpose, we are partnering with other companies to develop smart contracts to enable decentralized copy trading. With decentralization, we are expanding our areas of work and our remote team.

About the Job

We are looking for an experienced and independent Web3 Full Stack developer to support us in expanding and maintaining our entire infrastructure.The candidate should be able to understand, implement, and maintain our products and vision, as well as contribute as a frontend, backend, and solidity programmer to our vision.The role is leadership-oriented, and the developer will work directly with the founder and partners.

We are looking for a candidate who is able to solve complex problems and work independently, while showing a strong commitment to teamwork and collaboration. The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in developing Web3 applications and smart contracts and possess a deep understanding of blockchain technology.


  • Several years of experience in developing full-stack applications using common technologies and frameworks such as TECH STACK INSERT
  • Some experience in creating and integrating smart contracts on EVM-compatible blockchains
  • Experience in leading and coordinating development teams
  • Solid knowledge of using version control systems such as Github
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to analyze technical challenges and develop effective solutions
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills


  • You have previous experience in team leadership and management.
  • You are passionate about DAOs, governance, trading, and community projects.

Conditions & Benefits

  • Initial contract relationship for full personal flexibility and responsibility.
  • Leadership position
  • Daily challenges and the opportunity to quickly develop your skills and constantly discover and learn new things.
  • Fully remote-friendly environment.

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