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Our client is the first mainnet layer1 blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts launched in 2020. This makes it possible to build apps that are decentralized and permissionless — yet private.

Since its inception in 2017, they raised over $60M from ICO and from private investors, had over $3B in historical on-chain DEX volume, and with over 250,000 unique wallets are one of the largest chains in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Job Description

As the new CEO of the Foundation, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the network through active participation in the planning and execution of its roadmap and growth strategy. As the public face of the company, you will be a strong advocate for data privacy in the web3 space, leveraging your exceptional communication skills to effectively engage both internal and external stakeholders.

With a strategic mindset and a hands-on approach, you will lead the remote marketing team in setting and achieving ambitious goals, continuously measuring success through KPIs, and driving growth in both the size and quality of the community, encompassing builders, investors, and beyond. Your team will be responsible for creating and delivering impactful content via multiple channels, that resonates with the diverse groups that make up the ecosystem. Your leadership and passion for building and growing blockchain businesses will be the driving force behind the network's continued success.

Core Responsibilities

Represent the company as its foremost ambassador, crafting and articulating the network's messaging to a variety of audiences, including news reporters, ecosystem influencers, events and conferences, and community channels such as Twitter spaces, Telegram and Discord groups.

Foster and maintain reputation as a leading player in the privacy space, engaging with key stakeholders such as developers, builders, opinion leaders, financial players, cryptography researchers, and retail investors, and ensuring they are informed about vision of a more private web3.

Lead the marketing team in delivering the best-in-class content marketing strategy, utilizing a wide range of channels, including social media, the company blog, PR, email marketing, and paid ads.

Maintain close communication with the core development team and effectively communicate product upgrades and technical roadmap milestones to the community.

Emerge as a leader within the community, hosting weekly calls with notable members and actively engaging with community in group chats on a daily basis.

Seek out and establish new strategic partnerships with VCs, angel investors, development teams, CEXs, and DEXs to increase liquidity and innovation in the ecosystem.


5-10 years of executive-level experience.

At least 3 years of experience in the blockchain space.

Proven ability to develop and implement a successful marketing strategy.

US or EU residency.

Strong academic background in relevant fields such as Computer Science, Software Engineering, Cryptography, Distributed Systems, or related disciplines (Master's degree or higher).

Why You Should Join

Passion for blockchain technology and its potential to drive the next revolution.

Opportunity to be part of a dedicated community that values privacy as a fundamental human right and is committed to bringing privacy to the masses through blockchain.

Chance to work for a well-established web3 company that boasts a talented team of blockchain experts.

Other Benefits

Top compensation package, including base salary, bonuses, and token-based incentives.

Remote-first culture, offering flexibility and work-life balance.

The compensation will be set based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to internal equity, experience, education, specialty, training etc

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