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Who we are
We are a fintech with aspirations to change the world of global commerce. We plan to bring best of technology innovations to create unparallel user experience for our customers. We plan to use blockchain, web 3.0 and other innovations to remove friction and bring new life to world of global commerce.

Who you are
a. Responsible Rebel: who always wanted to change the world around, but you are always careful about breaking things
b. Innovator: always have found ways to do things differently, cheaply
c. Industrious: worked hard to achieve goals that seemed unconquerable
d. Learner: always learning new things and forming opinion that was different
e. Value Diversity: there are always many ways to get things done

We are an early stage fintech working to make b2b payments fast and reliable.

As we provide finishing touch to MVP, we are seeking a partner come join hands with us. He/She will be leading tech stack, supporting our aspirations.

If you are technologist, who loves both innovations and delivering industrial strength rock solid technology solutions, we want you to join us.

we are looking for following
a. you dream technology, you know everything there is to know about technology, from ML and AI to blockchain to IT security
b. not afraid to code
c. be a teacher to an organization, lead by example
d. you act tactically and think strategically

We are anxiously awaiting your call – [email protected]

Credain focuses on SaaS, B2B, Payments, Banking, and Blockchains. Their company has offices in New York City and Mumbai Central. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

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