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Frax Finance


$175k - $225k

Senior Frontend Developer

Frax Finance
$175k - $225k

This job is closed

The Frax ecosystem is a self-sufficient DeFi economy utilizing stablecoins as currency. We currently have three: one pegged to the US dollar (FRAX), one pegged to the inflation of the US dollar (FPI), and one pegged to ETH (frxETH/sfrxETH) that earns yield from Ethereum staking (a liquid staking derivative). We have a developed unique swap (Fraxswap), lending (Fraxlend), bridging (Fraxferry) and other features for these.

We are a top 100 crypto company by combined market cap (FRAX, FXS, frxETH, and sfrxETH mainly).

Our two main sites are the main app, at, as well as the statistics page, at

- Expert knowledge of git
- Guru knowledge of React
- Styling: CSS-in-JS using Emotion. Familiar with advanced features found in @emotion/cache, @emotion/react, @emotion/utils, @emotion/serialize, and @emotion/server
- Experience working with Storybook to visualize components in a UI kit
- Familiarity with a11y. Our UI kit uses @react-aria to help us build accessible components. 
- Advanced knowledge of rollup features and plugins
- Familiarity with esbuild 
- Familiarity with Vite
- Able to write effective tests with Jest and @testing-library/* 

- Knowledge of crypto / what a blockchain is, even if you have not coded any crypto projects before.
- UTC-10 (Hawaii) to UTC+2 (Eastern Europe) time zones.

Nice to have:
- Experience with ethers.js/Wagmi/Viem/Web3
- Experience writing Solidity
- Experience interacting with smart contracts in the UI
- Experience with react-table / @tanstack/table
- Experience publishing packages to npm
- Experience with both immer and Javascript Proxies
- Experience writing e2e tests with Cypress
- Familiar with where backend services (API calls, websockets) can augment the user experience, and how to properly subscribe/call them in a performant way

TLDR: guru-level, passionate Web3 React Typescript developer with experience building styled headless components covered by tests. Must have initiative and be self-guided.

Final nice to have: given a problem, be able to architect an end-to-end solution for it. This combines business analyst skills with architect skills.

- Fully remote position, live and work from anywhere in the world
- Strong independence and freedom to build and lead your part of the protocol
- Competitive salary with career growth to executive roles possible
- Generous FXS token allocations and other tokens/bonuses/perks
Compensation negotiable.