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🖥️ Senior Backend Engineer AWS NodeJS GraphQL Web3


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Are you a Senior Software Backend Engineer?

We're going to tell you exactly we're up to, and you can decide for yourself if it's exciting. We think you'll like what we have in store.

Please read the section below before applying. 👉This is the form you'll fill out to apply: and we'll be in touch!

🤩 So what is Column/?

GREAT Q. We're building a social network for everyone who sees the value of signal over noise, where people on Column/ actually gain status for their expertise, and get a real world value for the way they interact with their community. Column/ is an information economy — we don't need to obsessively track and advertise to our users — we just enable engaging discussions based on truth and quality. Some of our future efforts will focus on Web3-ifying our ecosystem so that it can be truly decentralized, anonymous, and secure.

Check out to get a glimpse of our design >

🙋‍♀️ Team, culture—the good stuff

This is a favorite. We've seen all the template stuff usually posted; that's not us. Here are some core values that give you a sense of who we are as a team:

We're super interlinked. Everyone is an expert in their area, and knows a lot about the other areas. So each of us is focused on our part while being perfectly capable to assist everyone else with what they need to get done. We know what we are working on and aren’t clueless. We're transparent—everyone knows what we're each working on, how we're doing, etc. Work time ain't playtime. We take our work seriously. We're a tight knit group changing social networks forever. We're connected to and backed by well known investors and experts who are involved in what we're doing. We're a lot more than colleagues.

Not convinced yet? Ok, here are some fun stuff (with lots more to come):

We're fully remote. Beaches of Uruguay, mountains of Pakistan, streets of NYC—it's all good. We take all of our team's inputs seriously. If you're in your position, you're the expert, and we will trust you.

📄 The role & what we are looking for

*Responsibilities: *

Write code that will impact the very nature of what it means to interact online Collab with backend and frontend to spec, write, test, and deploy Brainstorm features with the product team and guide decisions based on your knowledge of the codebase. Take full ownership of the product starting from design decisions to shipping. Like the work you do, enjoy collaborating with your coworkers, communicate as much as you can, and have fun.

Must Haves:

Strong programming skills in NodeJS, GraphQL in production based environments Technical/Functional Expertise (Primary): NodeJS, GraphQL, SQL and NoSQL production usage experience, AWS or GCP or Azure production level experience with the popular tools, Hands-on experience with Docker/Kubernetes or something similar Technical/Functional Expertise (Secondary): Python-Flask/Django, Redis, CDN Cloud Management, Load-Testing, Analytics monitoring debugging, Stack/Db clusters and other Backend specific experiences to these Well versed with building scalable, clean, understandable and testable code with an eye towards maintainability. Load-testing, analytics monitoring debugging


Hands-on experience with JavaScript and ES6-7 standards Should have a good sense of Ui/UX, Database and Model design and General Programming patterns Should be comfortable with functional programming concepts Experience in API integrations and associated portions in context of production based applications Experience with Node/GraphQL is a big plus Experience with PostGres, MongoDB Experience with Web3 / Smart Contract Programming - this kind of work will be on our roadmap soon.

🤙 What's the interview process like?

Yup, we have a process, and it's simple:

You apply for the job. Quick intro call with the founders. Solve an assignment. One or 2 rounds of technical interview depending on your performance in the assignment. One round of interview to gauge if you are a good culture fit. Job Offer (contingent on the above steps). Welcome to the Column/ team!

Other important stuff:

Location: NYC, remote

Ok! Think we're a good fit? Then let's roll.

👉Fill out this form to apply & we'll be in touch! Column/ focuses on Social Media Platforms. Their company has offices in United States. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees. You can view their website at or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.