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Earlystage fullstack eng missiondriven co

$110k - $180k

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Hello, friends!

We’re a web3/NFT startup, est in San Francisco, post-raise, looking for early-stage engineers who like creative challenges, big ownership, and a mission-driven company.

## About us

  • Kairos empowers creators—artists, musicians, chefs, brands—to succeed with NFTs. They can design NFTs, deploy smart contracts, config token gating, entirely no-code with amazing UX.
  • Mission: Our job isn’t just to make technology. We’re using our talents to make radical and diverse participation in web3.
  • Ways of working: The founders have lead/founded teams in some of the biggest tech companies—Airbnb, Brex, and Slack—and run multiple startups. Making complex technology consumer-friendly is at our core; and running healthy, empowered teams comes naturally to us.
  • Team diversity: Diversity isn’t a buzzword to us, it must be proven. Our founding team is diverse in background, gender, and perspective. 
  • Already humming: our product is live, ungated, with active users. Check out our rich features, UX, and performance! You’ll be building with some brilliant engineers.
  • Alexis Ohanian, Brianne Kimmel, and other supportive investors who want to level-up the web3 space with serious product thinking.

## Reqs

  • 5+ years experience in engineering.
  • Node JS + React; full-stack or front-end-leaning.  
  • Fast learners, pro-active, detail-oriented, very great communicators.
  • Knows how to balance speed with perfection. As a startup we move fast but we also prize amazing UX and high code quality.
  • Loves meeting users and working with UX people.
  • Bonus points for strategic thinkers in the space as well. We love people who want a seat at the table. We’re here to build a company that lasts. 
  • Bonus points for full-stack that can also do Solidity / Rust.

Love to hear from you. Check out our homepage, or apply now!