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Solidity Engineer Remote CET+3h

$80k - $120k

This job is closed

As a Solidity Engineer in the LUKSO Core Team you are responsible to build, test and work with Solidity to build the proposed standards and tools for the LUKSO blockchain and also the blockchain community overall. You will enjoy ownership, freedom and the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies across the stack in close collaboration with the team and founders of LUKSO.
You'll make sure to design the architecture for our smart contract ecosystem, integrate with 3rd party services.

Your Expertise

  • Experience with Solidity as well as frameworks, libraries and tools to build + test smart contracts on Ethereum, including Remix, Hardhat/Truffle, web3.js and optional ethers.js
  • Understanding of the full lifecycle of smart contracts and how they interact with each other, experience with security assessment of smart contracts is a huge plus
  • Knowledge of ERC20, 721 and 725 and related standards
  • Professional experience developing on the Blockchain (decentralised) and also regular software applications beforehand.
  • Understanding of engineering principles for robust applications with a practical approach to methodologies and a well tested and documented code base
  • Resilient work ethic with the readiness to venture into the unknown and run research & development projects
  • A sense for precise communication working with larger teams and several stakeholders

What We Offer

  • Be part of a project that aims to set new standards in the industry, for reference check
  • Interesting problems to work on e.g. complex smart contracts integrating with our proposed standards and the possibility to work with the creator of ERC20, web3.js, Mist Browser
  • An experienced, senior team to collaborate with and learn from
  • Work full remote CET +-3h or from the lovely LUKSO Office close to Berlin-Ostkreuz right be the spree river with free daily lunches and fantastic colleagues
  • Every full time employee at LUKSO receives an annual performance bonus of up to 10.000 EUR paid in LUKSOs' coin LYXe

LUKSO focuses on Creative Industries and Blockchains. Their company has offices in Berlin. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.