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$115k - $180k
TX Austin US

Role Details

  • We are searching for experienced Blockchain Protocol Engineer that have an understanding of the current limitations facing blockchain scalability in regards to speed, security, and decentralization. Quai is working to build a distributed consensus mechanism that is only limited by the physical infrastructure of the internet.
  • We expect our candidates to work independently, devise solutions for intricate architecture, and comfortably handle high-pressure situations, all while aligning with the organization's priorities.

Required Skills
  • To be an ideal fit for our team, you'll bring along a robust understanding of Golang.
  • Experience working with L1 blockchain clients like Geth, Decred, or Storj will set you apart. Your deep comprehension of cryptographic primitives and hash functions will be invaluable to us, and your familiarity with open-source workflows will be a major asset.
  • A history of significant contributions to open-source projects will be a clear testament to your proactive and collaborative work >

Must Have
  • Proficiency in Golang.
  • Proven experience working with L1 blockchain clients such as Geth, Decred, or Storj.
  • Understanding of cryptographic principles, including ECC and hash funtions.
  • Strong understanding of statistics and combinatorial mathematics.
  • Familiarity with open-source workflows.
  • Advanced theoretical and practical understanding of blockchain technology beyond basic Solidity and smart contracts.
  • Ability to work in-office in Austin, TX

Nice To Have
  • A degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Theoretical Physics, or a similar discipline.
  • A history of significant contributions to open-source projects
  • Authorship of Client peer-reviewed papers in the fields of distributed computing, information science, and consensus mechanisms.
  • A dynamic problem-solving approach backed by strong theoretical knowledge.

Desired Skills
  • Our ideal candidate is an industry veteran with a graduate degree in a relevant field such as Electrical Engineering (EE), Computer Engineering (ECE), Computer Science (CS), or Theoretical Physics. Your academic accomplishments should align with the technical rigor of our work.
  • Beyond your degree, we highly value candidates who have made significant contributions to the field of distributed computing, information science, and consensus mechanisms. This could be demonstrated by authorship of Client peer-reviewed papers, or other significant and verifiable contributions to these fields.

Please note that while experience in Solidity and smart contracts is valuable, candidates whose blockchain experience is limited to these areas may not align with our current requirements. We're looking for team members ready to work on innovative solutions and complex problems in the blockchain space.
Our Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, Paid time off.