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Mid to Senior Full Stack Developer I Ethereum Solidity Developer

Power Moves Development LLC
$32k - $100k est.

This job is closed

Power Moves Development is looking for a Mid to Senior Full Stack Developer and Ethereum Solidity Developer for flexible part-time contract work. We are a small consultancy and have several projects we looking for assistance with. We work with clients such as Dexcom, Great Clips, US Veterans Affairs, and a number of smaller startups and even crypto projects.

This is ideal for engineers who would like to take on some additional work, get work done and earn money without having to deal with the employee song and dance.

You will be responsible for doing programming tasks, stories, bugs, and submitting PRs to the specific project you accept to contribute to. We try to make requirements clear as possible so we can focus on execution and not constant meetings.

Please email your questions, target hourly rate, resume, GitHub links, timezone, and availability for an interview to [email protected].

Rates depend on assignment but we will work around your target

Fully Remote: Yes

Full Time: No

Contract: Yes

Visa Sponsorship: No

Hiring Process: 40min-Technical Interview to assess the experience. This will mostly be a conversation about experience, various architectural patterns, and approaches to common challenges. Applicants are encouraged to share code samples to go over in the interview but it is not mandatory.