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Lead Frontend Engineer

Relative Finance
$50k - $100k

This job is closed

About Us
Crypto markets have grown exponentially over the past few years, seeing increased adoption from retail participants as well as tech giants. While this growth was catalyzed by developments in DeFi & NFTs, we believe that the next order of magnitude change will come from mass adoption of decentralized, community owned platforms across different verticals - finance, social media, gaming etc. With this philosophy, we are building Relative - a derivatives platform focused on prediction markets. We’re an early-stage, venture backed team, hiring engineers with a strong sense of direction & ownership.


- Contributed to consumer-facing app and deploy code in production, at scale.
- Experience designing UI/ UX transitions & animations
-Strong working knowledge of developing cross-platform/browser and services compatibility (Webflow, Typeform, Figma, etc.) and frameworks (React, Svelte, etc.) for dynamic web applications.
-Ability to work with, and build trusted relationships, with internal teams successfully.
-Ability to manage third-party design agencies as well as small teams.
-Cross-functional mindset and experience collaborating with others in a remote work environment across geos.
-Passionate about self-improvement and at ease with constructive criticism.
-Proven debugging and troubleshooting skills
-Professional experience with TypeScript, React.js, CSS,Node.js and Web3.js
-Experience using Git in a team environment 
-Comfortable working through an iterative software-development process 
-Ability to thrive in a fully remote organization

Roles & Responsibilities

-Build features and improvements to the product in a secure, well-tested and performant way with minimal guidance and support from other team members
-Craft code that meets our internal standards for style, upgradability and maintainability
-Maintain and advocate for these standards through code reviews
-Work closely with designers to build the best user experience
-Learn, collaborate and lead other Frontend Engineers
-Help identify areas of improvements in the codebase and development workflow


-Work flexible hours from any location
-Competitive pay, with additional bonuses & token compensation for top contributors

Hiring Process

-Candidates must complete an assignment
-Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a technical interview
-Successful candidates will subsequently be made an offer