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New York, NY, United States

$150k - $250k

$150k - $250k
New York City Metropolitan Area US

We are looking for a Tech Lead for a client based in New York City.

Why apply for this position?

  • We’re a highly technical team
  • This is a space with deep technical challenges that reward builders. The blockchain isn’t just a distributed ledger anymore, it’s a distributed state machine. We’re not just building a new paradigm of software — we’re also trying to leverage the best of web2 while we’re at it.
  • We’re awell-funded companywith runway that can last us through the bear market (as long as that may be)
  • A downtown Manhattan office with our own rooftop –we operate on a hybrid model, where most employees come in a couple of times per week.
  • Hardware— Whatever you need to get things done, plus a stipend to set up your home office.
  • Learning budget— Buy courses and attend conferences or hackathons.
  • Unlimited Vacation— Take time off when you need it - 2 week minimum.
  • Top-notch healthcare plans— We offer the best available platinum PPO and other similar plans that give you the most options with the lowest deductibles.

About the Role

The ideal tech lead is a senior software engineer who oversees the development of projects and mentors a team of engineers. By joining the team, you will build the future of token management with us by making crucial decisions in the design and implementation of software architecture that scales.

What you’ll do

  • Own the software architecture and technical designs, providing technical leadership and expertise along the way.
  • Identify and mitigate technical risks.
  • Ensure that technical debt is kept under control.
  • Where appropriate, ensure code modularity in the code written by the team through peer code-reviews, to increase our team’s velocity and make our code infrastructure more scalable.
  • Work closely with the product owner to ensure that the roadmap is feasible and deadlines are realistic.
  • Review potential engineering candidates as we grow our footprint and scope.

What we’re looking for

  • Experience working with data-intensive applications, or apps used by tens of thousands of users.
  • Familiarity with our tech stack.
  • A team leader, or a senior software engineer ready to step up!
  • Based in New York City and open to a hybrid work environment.

We are a multi-chain dapp, and our stack includes TypeScript, Next.js, React and GraphQL, as well as the native languages for various blockchains (i.e. Solidity, Rust, Move).

Experience with any of these isnice to have,but not a requirement:

  • DevOps, infrastructure, or data analytics experience.
  • Interfacing with smart contracts and blockchain via libraries (any blockchain).
  • Applications where security and integrity are extremely important (finance, fintech, government, etc.).

Reasons you might be the right candidate for this role

  • Experience leading a team— You’re used to splitting up work, reviewing PRs, and holding the team to a high bar of technical excellence and thoughtful
  • Passion for engineering— genuine passion and curiosity for the craft that you bring to work each day
  • Good taste— You think critically abouthowyou build what you build, and apply good judgment to every design and implementation decision along the way.