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Founding Smart Contract Engineer

$200k - $240k

This job is closed

Spindl is building out a distributed attribution protocol that will be the ground truth when it comes to Web 3 user growth and acquisition. While some companies build the picks and shovels of the ecosystem, we’re building the cash register that rings every time a developer or protocol gets paid. Web 3 won’t be the next Internet without it.

Technically, we’re building a proof-of-useful-work protocol where nodes are incentivized to figure out how a user reached some desired end state, like buying NFTs or providing liquidity to a DEX.

Separately, but possibly even more importantly, we’re building a crypto version of the marketing stack that now makes Web 2 hum.

Influencers endorse a product, brands shower their fans with promos, a game or app shows an ad (gasp!): what we do is join the upstream media to the downstream monetization, and make sure the creatives and influencers see the upside (rather than an ad network like Facebook or Google). All of it running transparently on chain, and with the goal of making Web 3 as big as Web 2.

As our first smart contract engineer you will be architecting and building these protocols from the ground up. It’s not a stretch to say that you’ll be inventing an entirely new business model within crypto, something that will power the next wave of the ecosystem’s growth. If we don’t build this, Web 2 will eventually stretch its tentacles into crypto and build some terrible version of this instead.

We’re looking for pirates now that Web 2 has become the navy.


  • Architecture and design of distributed protocols
  • Develop and deploy smart contracts with major capital at stake
  • Understand how web 3 protocols can be defrauded
  • Be a leader within a very flat and fast-moving team
  • Own what you build
  • Be the first to solve complex engineering problems
  • Creatively address business problems where there are no precedents or clear answers

Must haves (this is an AND)

  • Strong understanding of the EVM and Solidity. You've architected protocols from scratch; you've shipped contracts to mainnet; you've gone through security audits
  • General knowledge of and interest in blockchain protocols, developer ecosystems, and the latest in developer tooling and infrastructure
  • Be smart and get shit done.

Nice to haves (this is an OR)

  • Experience in web 2 ad tech, attribution, or user growth. You know how the Web 2 user sausage is made.
  • Experience with blockchain data tooling and infrastructure (what little there is). This will be a data-heavy company, with constant data-science collaboration required (or if you want to fire up Jupyter yourself, have at it)


You can be located anywhere in the world, but we have a strong preference for SF or NYC. If you’re not in either city, expect some travel to work face-to-face with colleagues on a semi-regular basis. If you’re in one of those cities, you’ll find a balance between coming into the office vs. staying home. We think in-person work possesses a magic for early stage startups, something unobtainable in a fully remote environment where co-workers are simply images on a screen.

Spindl focuses on Sales and Marketing and Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in San Francisco. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://spindl.xyz