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$100k - $180k
New Jersey Hoboken United States

Our AWESOME partner company, Floating Point Group (a crypto start up), is hiring for a Backend Sofware Engineer! This is a fantastic opportunity to break into the crypto industry!

This is a remote position. Candidates will be considered worldwide but will need the ability to travel to New Jersey quarterly.

Floating Point Group is on a mission to empower investors and financial institutions to interact with the cryptocurrency markets safely and efficiently. By abstracting away the complexity of interfacing with trading venues, blockchain wallets, third-party custodians, and decentralized applications, (each with their own idiosyncratic APIs), FPG's platform enables the market's most influential investors to incorporate cryptocurrencies in their businesses with unprecedented confidence. With the multi-trillion dollar cryptocurrency market routinely breaching $100 billion in 24hr trading volume, the need for robust and secure infrastructure is more salient than ever.

Education level
Open to any

Industry experience
2-5 years of professional experience as a backend engineer
at least 1.5 years on a single project

$100k to $200k, depending on experience
Wellness subsidies

Professional proficiency with:
Python: At least 2 years of experience using it regularly
Cloud (AWS) infrastructure: At least 1 year of experience
Have worked on a project from concept to completion in a professional capacity for at least 1.5 - 2 years

Familiarity with:
Containerization + container orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, EKS) experience
Cloud security (Rust, research, mpc, shamir secret sharing)
Nice to have

Blockchain experience — preferred

What you’ll do:
You will Drive ambitious technical projects that immediately impact our customers. From complex order execution algorithms to real-time hyper-granular market data aggregation, to sophisticated systems to safely move our customer's assets.

Work with the talented, ambitious, and creative members of our engineering team. You'll be collaborating with our highly motivated (and insatiably curious) engineers who bring with them rigorous and diverse industry experience while also enjoying full access to our advisors, whose prolific careers at some of the world’s premier tech organizations have cemented them as invaluable resources to FPG.

Learn and grow at a breakneck pace as our company rapidly scales. As an early team member, you will have an incredible degree of autonomy, it's something we intentionally build into our workflow. We expect that you not only take ownership of your work but that you have an appetite for doing so. As our product and team continue to grow, your responsibilities will inevitably follow suit - the organization is expected to double in size in the next three months.

You’ll do well here if you are:
A great communicator
A collaborative worker
A structured thinker
Have a high level of integrity
Always looking for learning opportunities and seeing things from a curious mindset

With FPG’s cutting-edge solutions in a nascent, fast-moving technology industry, there’s never a dull moment.

FPG offers clients the first consolidated product for trading across a vast selection of cryptocurrency markets, automated trade settlement, and secure assets custody.

We invest in our people.

Learning is critical to their culture; the truth is they have to- the crypto industry is new and exciting- there’s so much to absorb. They encourage their colleagues to pursue their own education - and FPG helps fund it.

You’re part of something bigger.

FPG believes that blockchain and cryptocurrency are developing products that are shaping the future of finance. Their employees - and customers - benefit from contributing.