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Web App Lead Developer

$100k - $150k

This job is closed

Talisman is a funded web3 start-up focused on building software in the Polkadot ecosystem. We are a decentralised team of experienced engineers and explorers, navigating our way through the Paraverse with the goal of solving complex and valuable problems.

We believe that UI/UX in the web3 space is a fundamental, yet unsolved, building block on the road to creating an ecosystem under which wider adoption can occur.

At a high level our focus is building both a browser-based wallet extension for storing and leveraging accounts/funds, and a web-based app to showcase/leverage the functionality of Polkadot and her parachains.

We are currently looking to bring on a new developer in order to expand the scope of the web-app and provide a better UI/UX for Polkadot ecosystem users.


We are currently looking for a technically competent and enthusiastic mid/senior JS developer/engineer to help us solve unique web3 problems in the polkadot and ethereum ecosystems.

You’ll work with other engineers across our codebases to research problems, propose solutions and develop features for our asset dashboard, and help to create libraries which power the current and future ecosystems.

You'll work on open-source code that enables sovereign finance and empowers application developers while engaging with parachain teams and contributing to the shared story of Talisman.

Due to the emergent nature of building applications in the Polkadot ecosystem, a large percentage of work at Talisman involves coming up with novel solutions to complex problems, both from a system architecture and user experience point of view.

This discovery process lends itself towards developers who are curious by nature, who understand the multiple layers of complexity which live beneath web3, and who understand how to correctly abstract code to maintain decoupling and promote reusability.


Due to being a remote team, working at Talisman requires you to be independent and autonomous. We manage work using shape-up (a project management framework), and self-organise where needed to solve the problems at hand.

Working on the web-app, you’ll spend your days scoping, speccing, architecting and building solutions to novel (green-field) problems using an iterative approach (POC>MVP>V1…), in order to test assumptions, understand the problem space and iteratively improve the product.

A large percentage of the problems Talisman is aiming to solve have not been solved before in a true multi-chain way. In order to know what provides actual value to users, we not only need to understand what the problem space is, but how to solve the issue in an efficient and scalable manner.

For the role of Web-app Lead, you will:
  • Have ecosystem knowledge: You have knowledge of the Polkadot/Substrate ecosystem as a whole and understand the basic architectural principals upon which it is built.
  • Understand speccing & estimating: You have the ability to create developer specs for projects and accurately estimate build times.
  • Lead new initiatives and products: You can internalise new ideas/concepts and provide insights into architectural tradeoffs.
  • Build stuff: You are a magician at building user interfaces, fundamentally understand the need for a good UX, craft state management solutions in your sleep, know how to build reactive interfaces and libraries, and have a passion for correct abstractions.
  • Take ownership: You will own the web-app codebase and set the standard around architecture & quality control, while managing and growing the web-app team moving forward.
  • Be a culture setter: You will be working with the team to instil a culture of curiosity, straight-forwardness and quality, as well as helping to create a decentralised organisation that can grow into the web3 future we envisage.
  • Grow and adapt: You will grow into the roll as you become more familiar with Talisman and Polkadot, while adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • 2+ years experience full-time software engineering experience
  • Experience in working with a range of different Javascript APIs and Frameworks
  • Experience in interfacing with decentralised networks in Web 3.0
  • Experience in the polkadot ecosystem is a plus
  • Former involvement in an early-stage company or software product company
  • The aptitude to want to solve nuanced technical problems and design original solutions
  • The ability to propose technical solutions and application architecture, and provide accurate development timelines
  • The ability to work autonomously, be proactive, prioritise, communicate, and function in a distributed team
  • Former involvement in Open Source Projects
  • An interest in memetic theory and culture in decentralised networks
  • An interest in writing about your work for the community
  • An interest in DAOs and new ways to self organise
  • In (or close to) an Australian/Asian timezone
  • Competitive Salary $100-150k USD
  • Equity options available
  • Starting bonus to support your working from home. (laptop, peripherals, and any other work gear you may need)
  • Remote work with flexible hours. Office in Melbourne available if required.