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Founding Blockchain Engineer

$100k - $150k

This job is closed

We are building DeFi for the future of custody

We expect all DAOs, institutions and retail users to custody their crypto with a permissionless programmable MPC layer. Why?

As it is trustless, user don’t have to worry about counterparty risk. It is the key to unlock great UX supporting all chains and enabling to set up transaction rules (e.g. 2FA, spending limits). Finally, due to its permissionlessness, similarly to Ethereum it enables rapid innovation leading to better custody products than stand-alone MPC solutions.

Building on top of such an emerging solution, our aim is to build the DeFi infrastructure enabling a Coinbase like trading experience for applications building on top of us. This includes building a liquidity management layer which can be compared to how Coinbase deposit addresses and their database work together. This makes assets across all chains tradeable on the MPC blockchain without settlement on the underlying chains. Additionally, we want to build applications leveraging this layer such as cross-chain swapping and lending.

Our team (Justin & Alex) started building products at an early age and in crypto specifically won $30k at ETH global hackathons. We have a strong academic background (Cambridge), industry experience from high growth startups, big-tech (Amazon) and one of Europe’s most renowned VC firms. We are backed by node.capital (who built Colored Coins together with Vitalik), and other awesome VCs/builders in the space, with backgrounds at Delphi Digital, ETH Global, Kava, Parity.

About the position

We are looking for a Founding Blockchain Engineer to join our team in Lisbon (in person strongly preferred) from June/July 2023. We aim to build a very small but massively impactful team. We compensate above average and as a founding team member you will get a substantial token allocation.

In this position, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Smart Contracts: Building on-chain programs and writing tests using Rust, with a focus on security, performance, maintainability and composability.
  • Protocol Architecture: Designing and building key technical components for the protocol
  • Mentorship: Supporting junior engineers in the team
  • Product discovery: Ensuring that we are building the right things for our users

  • Most importantly: fit of values (see below)
  • Solid experience in core blockchain protocol design
  • Confidence in writing secure and high quality code in Rust strongly preferred
  • DeFi protocol design experience is a plus
  • Experience with Typescript, Move / Sui’s concept of objects is a plus

At X2, we think you will thrive if you can identify with the following values:

  • We are entrepreneurial. We have a strong sense of initiative and ownership. We can operate independently under uncertainty, and prioritise work effectively. We act with conviction; have strong opinions, but loosely held and don’t need to get approval if we want to make an informed bet.
  • We strive for excellence. We have the intensity and motivation to perform at a world class level. Even in tough situations, we remain optimistic and our inner drive keeps us going. We hold each other accountable to the highest standards regarding security, code quality and UX.
  • We are highly curious and learn quickly. We are building on a new primitive in crypto. Hence, we value speed of learning more than experience in the space. Also, we have to rethink existing primitives and the curiosity to explore the solution space is key to our success.
  • We are collaborative. We value ****truthful and transparent communication and have a radically candid feedback culture. We champion diversity because it is essential to our ability to think differently.