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Quality Assurance Test and Benchmarking Engineer

Capsule Social, Inc.
$54k - $80k est.

This job is closed

At Capsule Social, we've been building the future of decentralized discourse on top of performant, well-designed decentralization tech, cryptographic tech and blockchain tech.

Social feeds that feel familiar. A writing experience for casual users as well as for journalists, scientists and social critics. Content monetization via fiat as well as crypto, and much more – all packaged in a user experience that makes no sacrifices in usability.

Capsule's Quality Assurance, Test and Benchmarking Engineer will be responsible for writing tests and creating a benchmarking infrastructure so that we can be sure that our technology scales to thousands and even millions of users prior to launch.


  • Design a benchmarking framework for our IPFS, OrbitDB and NEAR infrastructure.
  • Write and integrate tests for our front-end and back-end code.
  • Follow up with the front-end team, back-end team and tokenomics team on the design and testing of new features.


  • Experience in Mocha, Chai, Node.js, TypeScript.
  • Experience with decentralized architectures and Web3 tech is a plus.
  • Experience with NEAR protocol is a plus.
  • Good written skills, ability to coordinate with the team, team player, etc.


  • Fair pay, no matter where you live
  • Freedom to work from wherever you want
  • Generous work-from-home allowance and coworking stipend

As important as your technical skills, there are certain qualities that will make you the perfect fit for Capsule.

  • Commitment - Innovation takes time. Therefore we’re looking for someone that can commit long-term, someone that we can rely on from the current pre-beta phase to the global launch and beyond.
  • Dedication and initiative - Innovation is demanding. We don’t micromanage, so we’re looking for someone that takes charge of their own workload and delivers.