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Web3 Data Engineer

Aegis Studio
$160k - $220k

This job is closed

Seeking highly skilled and motivated individuals who are interested in joining a lean and fast paced engineering team that loves to learn and break things. The term "Web3 Data Engineer" is one we coined to signify someone who has the traditonal experience of being a data engineer but also understands Web3 infrastructure. This role also requires a deep understanding and expertise in DevOps.

Nirvana Labs at its heart is a cloud infrastructure provider & data analytics company. The purpose behind our assembly was that collecting important live and historical blockchain data has proven to be extremely difficult at an enterprise scale. Our team and our peers have all mentioned the strifes and gripes they have about obtaining accurate and timely on-chain data. In addition, this data comes at a great cost. The main reason indexing and aggregating real time blockchain data is a monumental task because the hyper-distributed nature of blockchains themselves. After experiencing first hand the harsh reality of indexing blockchain data we created Nirvana Labs. A pathway towards truly enlightening data.

Our mission is to make blockchain infrastructure economical and accurate ultimately lowing the barriers to entry. Our secondary goal is to provide a deeper level of understanding of decentralized data and crypto-economics.

Nirvana AI brings new light to the same old data using our intelligent address and transaction inferencing models.

Aegis Studio focuses on Developer APIs, Web Development, Blockchains, Software Engineering, and Mobile Application. Their company has offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

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