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$67k - $100k est.
United States Florida US

This is a remote position.

Our client is a global titan in the world of crypto, and has recently spun up a large scale and fascinating project. It would be too bold to say this will be disruptive. However, their track record is such that they manage to find problems unknown to most, and solve those problems in profitably disruptive ways. Anyone who love to build anew, learn, and a strong proponent of the potential that 'blockchain tech' has... please consider applying to this.

As a Senior Engineer, you’ll be joining their core software engineering team responsible for designing and building their proprietary execution, data infrastructure and research environment. They are engineering their systems from the ground up for industry leading performance while emphasizing flexibility and adaptability to the rapidly evolving crypto ecosystem and market structure. Their systems are being designed to span centralized exchanges, on-chain DEXs and AMMs and as well as accommodating a wide range of strategies including continuous market making, on-chain liquidations, arbitrage and related keeper actives as well as various other defi-related yield maximizing strategies.

As a senior engineer, you will work closely with their Lead Architect in the fundamental design of their platform as well as its implementation. You will be exposed to and expected to participate in broad technology strategy decisions based on our internal technology priorities as well as the ever changing opportunities in the broader ecosystem.

Requirements You will be;

  • Highly experienced (1+ years experience in production Rust AND 4+ years of systems level experience total - Rust/C/C++)
  • Speed / Performance Oriented
  • Async Rust Experience
  • Open-minded, Inventive, Clear Communicator
  • Experience in two or more of:
  • Networking/Messaging (protocol-level knowledge of: Websocket, QUIC, ZeroMQ, inter-thread communication channels)
  • API Design/Creation
  • Protobufs / Capnproto / Zero-copy (de)serialization
  • RPC
  • Real-time/Stream Processing
  • Data Management (Ingest, ETL)
  • Blockchain
  • Container/Resilient Systems
  • Pluses:
  • Maths / Statistics Background
  • Distributed Systems Experience
  • Actix or async actor frameworks
  • EVM Knowledge
  • Finance Experience
  • Programming Polyglot (Go, Python, Javascript) - very minimal but may modify open-source systems to suit our needs