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Chicago, IL, United States

$54k - $90k

$54k - $90k est.
IL Chicago US

Applicants must adhere to the "Application Process Requirements" listed below. Failure to upload the necessary files or attempts to bypass requirements by uploading a resume multiple times will result in immediate disqualification.
About Us
At CyberBrokers, we are innovators at the intersection of art, technology, and storytelling. Founded by the acclaimed artist Josie Bellini, we are a metaverse-native media & entertainment company with a mission: to craft an enthralling universe defined by collectibles, content, and experiences that resonate deeply with our community.
So, let's delve into the narrative that stands at our foundation: "The Paradigm Lost." The earth is frozen, entrapped in a modern ice age. Facing such dire circumstances, world governments unified with a singular goal: to save humanity. The solution? Transitioning all of mankind into the digital haven of the metaverse in a monumental effort known as “The Paradigm Shift”. This ambitious endeavor led to the rise of the first ten thousand brave volunteers, the trailblazers of this new digital realm, aptly named the CyberBrokers.
This narrative forms the backbone of our various digital ventures, including our distinctive NFT collections. Amplifying our digital footprint, we are excitedly working on our next major offering: a CyberBrokers-themed game. Set to debut in Winter 2023, this game offers an exploration of the endless virtual realms of The Paradigm Lost, allowing players to shape their stories and, with their engagement, unearth the mysteries of the once-lost Paradigm.
In essence, joining our team means you’re not just joining a company. You're becoming a pivotal part of an evolving narrative, a community, and a movement at the forefront of the digital age. Here, passion meets purpose, and together, we aim to redefine what's possible in the metaverse.
This Role
As we scale the heights of the dynamic Web3 sector, we're in search of a Marketing Associate who embodies both a meticulous writer's spirit and a hands-on approach to daily marketing tasks.
Being a part of our ensemble means more than just daily tasks; it offers a chance to learn from industry "OGs"—well-respected leaders who've shaped the domain. Joining our tight-knit, agile team means you won’t just be another cog in the machine; you'll wear multiple hats and make significant contributions. The fast-paced nature of our environment demands a proactive problem solver—someone who offers solutions rather than just identifying issues.
At your core, you're a writer—a guardian of the written word. Obsessed with the nuances of correct comma placement, punctuation, and capturing just the right tonality. Spelling errors aren't just mistakes to you; they're anathema. Some might label you a perfectionist, and that's a badge you wear with pride.
However, your talents don't end at the tip of your pen (or keyboard). You are hyper-organized, ensuring no task or detail is overlooked. Working remotely feels second nature, and you excel at it. As a self-starter, you're adept at independently steering projects, but you also recognize the importance of effective communication. You ensure that management is always in the loop, eliminating any need for micromanagement.
If you're ready to contribute to a fast-evolving industry and thrive in a multifaceted role, then this role is for you.

  • Content Creation & Mastery:
    • Produce engaging blogs, press releases, product FAQs, social media posts, website content, and compelling narratives for creative writing projects, ensuring impeccable grammar, punctuation, and clarity.
    • Consistently proofread all content, upholding a gold standard in written communication
    • Decode and simplify intricate topics, transforming them into user-friendly content that resonates with our audience
  • Content Management & Strategy:
    • Regularly update, proofread, and schedule content across multiple digital platforms
    • Develop and manage a comprehensive content calendar that synchronizes with marketing campaigns, product launches, and key company events
    • Collaborate closely with the Marketing Manager and other team members to strategize the growth of users and the community
  • Engagement & Community Building:
    • Organize and attend CyberBrokers-hosted virtual events, offering guidance on their effectiveness and reach
    • Coordinate our company’s participation in industry events including applying for speaker roles and awards, researching collaboration/sponsorship opportunities, and engaging with event organizers
    • Manage and execute occasional giveaways to drive engagement and community growth
  • Feedback & Continuous Improvement:
    • Establish and manage a system to gather feedback on content effectiveness, adjusting strategies based on audience response
    • Coordinate with the community and other stakeholders to source content ideas and understand areas of interest or concern
    • Evaluate competing brands or industry benchmarks to identify gaps and opportunities in our content strategy
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration:
    • Collaborate with design and multimedia teams to create complementary visuals, infographics, or short video scripts
    • Regularly liaise with internal teams, ensuring content aligns with product updates, company news, and other relevant announcements
    • Coordinate with cross-functional teams to bolster business operations
  • Operational Excellence & Organization:
    • Track press/news mentions and archive them in designated systems
    • Maintain and organize marketing assets in systems like Google Drive, ensuring streamlined files, documents, and digital assets
  • Reporting & Analysis:
    • Record weekly KPIs to monitor and track growth and engagement
    • Provide regular content updates and overviews to senior leadership, ensuring alignment with company goals
  • Proactive Initiative:
    • Always stay ahead of industry trends and innovations, ensuring content and strategies remain relevant and impactful
    • Contribute to ad hoc marketing projects and initiatives as needed, showcasing a proactive mindset

  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, or a related field
  • 2+ years of experience in marketing, content creation, or a similar role
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficient in content management systems and digital marketing tools
  • Proficient with social media platforms and best practices
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment
  • Willingness to continuously learn and adapt to industry trends
  • Experience or interest in NFTs, the metaverse, or the web3 space is a plus

Application Process Requirements
To be considered for the role, you must submit writing samples which will be reviewed for content quality, coherence, adherence to grammar standards, and alignment with our brand voice and >
  • Blogs: Submit 2 independent blogs that you've authored
  • Social Media Posts: Provide 3-5 crafted social media posts to demonstrate your ability to create concise and engaging content
  • Press Release: Share 1 press release to show proficiency in communicating official news or announcements

Shortlisted candidates will then be provided a custom assignment to further assess their skills in creating content based on a specific brief.