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Singapore, Singapore

$72k - $120k

$72k - $120k

Davion Labs is a crypto and blockchain impact incubator that leverages collective knowledge, a strong network, and ample resources to power the sustainable growth and development of the open network revolution. We are committed to reinforcing and catalyzing the growth of the crypto market with top talent teams and quality projects that will shape the future of a decentralized and permissionless ecosystem.

It is one of our main objectives to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies by creating a strong knowledge base that provides the crypto participants with reliable information through in-depth research and state-of-the-art intelligence tools, for them to enhance their participation in the crypto market.

Crypto is revolutionizing how value is created and exchanged through internet-native organizations, it is a symbol of a new socio-economic concept that redefines how the internet should be designed and how the community could partake in value creation. We’re here to spread knowledge, accelerate crypto adoption, and drive the development of a better financial system.

We're rapidly expanding our intelligence team, and you're invited to join.

Davionlabs focuses on Blockchains. Their company has offices in Singapore. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.davionlabs.com