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Dripped Out Art
$36k - $110k est.
New York City Metropolitan Area US

We're preparing to embark on an exciting venture set to revolutionize a major industry using blockchain technology. The specifics of this high-impact project are currently under wraps, but we are on the lookout for innovative and dedicated developers to join our ranks.

In the early stages, we're offering a unique compensation model. Instead of a traditional salary, all initial team members, including our developers, will share in the project's success through participation in an ICO or IDO. This is an incredible opportunity to contribute to a game-changing technology and share in its potential success.

We're seeking professionals with experience in:

  • Solidity: For smart contract development on Ethereum.
  • Rust: For potential development on platforms like Polkadot or Solana.
  • JavaScript/TypeScript: For frontend development and potential use with Solidity.
  • React/React Native: For DApp front-end development.
  • Node.js: For server-side development.
  • Web3.js / Ethers.js: For interaction with Ethereum smart contracts.
  • HTML/CSS: For developing and styling the user interface.
  • Git: For version control.
  • Understanding of blockchain principles, smart contracts, and decentralized applications.
  • Proven experience in deploying and testing smart contracts.

If you're excited by the opportunity to:

  • Be at the forefront of a disruptive shift in an established industry.
  • Develop groundbreaking decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain.
  • Work alongside a dynamic and experienced team dedicated to fairness and transparency.

Then we want to connect with you.

Please note, due to the confidential nature of this project, all participants will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

To learn more or express your interest in this unique opportunity, feel free to DM us or send your resume to [email protected]

This is your chance to be a part of the wave of disruption. Together, let's make a difference.