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Developer Relations Lead

$90k - $160k

This job is closed

Cloudflare + Vercel + Web3 = Fleek. We make it possible for developers to deploy and successfully scale sites and apps on the new web, using any preferred underlying protocols to power their sites (chain agnostic). From hosting, storage, gateways, domains, databases, and more, Fleek has everything you need to make brainless deployments of sites and apps to unstoppable, uncensorable, web3 protocols (like IPFS, the Internet Computer, and soon many more).

You’ll be joining at an exciting time! We’ve got updates coming in the future including a new non-custodial Fleek platform and Fleek Network, an Open Source Application Delivery Network (ADN).

We’re looking for builders who are excellent storytellers, and who will pave the way to bring forth Fleek’s vision, establishing strong relationships with developers across existing and new communities.

Fleek is also a part of the PsychedelicDAO stack, a product studio building omni-chain web3 infra. Applicants to this role will have opportunities to work & collaborate across products within the Psychedelic stack.

We're backed by Coinbase, Protocol Labs, Digital Currency Group and more amazing supporters that believe in the Open Web and our suite of products.

If you're passionate about building and want to join an ambitious team, we’d love to hear from you!

Job Description

We’re looking for a Developer Relations lead, with experience on the Web3 and blockchain ecosystem, and a technical focus on helping to build useful resources for developers, supporting their projects and integrations, and maintaining relationships. We are flexible to discuss the salary range offered basis your experience!


  • Identify opportunities and promote initiatives to engage with developers and grow our community in-person and online, from speaking at conferences to hosting office hours on Twitter or Discord, and coordinating developer-oriented events.
  • Work with our community & core developers to maintain and write our documentation, add useful guides, resources, and examples for developers to follow and build on our suite of products.
  • Drive adoption of Fleek and Psychedelic’s product stack through partnerships of key projects and builders in the ecosystem.
  • Help developers and partners on our socials and Discord channels when they come online for technical support.
  • In-depth knowledge or passion for web3 + Blockchain
  • 2+ years of Dev Rel experience preffered but not required
  • Experience in full-stack programming (React, JavaScript, Rust, or Solidity are nice haves!)
  • Strong communication skills, and the ability to convey complex topics to a larger developer audience
  • Github and Git expertise
  • Ability to write quality code samples, and documentation, and develop practices to best teach developers
  • Prior experience in leading/working on a developer relations program, writing technical articles, and building open-source software
  • Passion and eagerness to learn