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Summer Product Manager Internship

We’re looking for product management interns who want to be all-in on cryptocurrency.You will be tackling challenging problems in many aspects of crypto - staking, protocols, defi, cryptocurrency exchanges, and more.

Duration: This will be a 10-12 week summer internship with a competitive salary. We are based in New York City but are open to remote work.

What you’ll be doing.

  • Drive ambitious technical projects that immediately impact our customers.

    A few of our projects:

    • A defi wallet secured by multi party computation. We believe Defi is the game changer enabled by cryptocurrency, but access to defi conventionally uses insecure crypto wallet technology and practices. We are approaching this problem with a novel custody model where we divide a wallet’s key into multiple keyshares for decentralized distributed transaction signing, increasing security and fault tolerance in crypto.
    • An interface (API + GUI) to enable customers seamless access to both trading and settlement systems in cryptocurrencies. We are especially customer-first for this project, rapidly iterating our products and practicing Continuous Integration/Continuous Development best practices, as we make real-time product decisions in response to customer’s feedback.
    • Handle flow-of-funds and asset tracking across exchange venues and wallets. This involves having a robust system capable of sending transactions requests to venues/wallets based on user input (or algorithmically triggered items), tackling all of the idiosyncrasies unique to cryptocurrency.

  • Collaborate on all layers of our business, from our product team to our engineering to our executive team to continuously refine our product strategy.

    You’ll be collaborating with our:

    1. sales team to properly to uncover problems, identify unmet needs, and validate potential solutions.
    2. engineers to represent the interests of the end customer and be the final checkoff before a product release happens.
    3. executive team to clearly prioritize all of the exciting opportunities in crypto.
  • Meet our customers and represent us as the one of the fastest growing company in the space.

    As a member of a nimble startup, you can expect autonomy, it's something we intentionally build into our workflow. We expect that you have an appetite for ownership of your work.

Who you are.

  • You want to learn quickly and ship rapidly in a startup.

    As a startup from MIT, we are familiar with drinking from the firehose. A startup is no different, and we’re looking for people who can maneuver quickly in a fast-growing environment.

  • You have demonstrated a penchant for success via an internship, work experience, coding competitions, or research.

    You have a proven background in problem solving, and you want it to take it to the next level, applying the same core concepts into solving real world problems. Your keen intuition for problem solving is supplemented by your clear communication so that you can answer how a certain product requirement may require a particular engineer decision, or conversely, how a technology in our stack can affect future business opportunities.

  • You are entrepreneurial.

    You want to learn the ins and outs of a business, so you can launch your own startup in the near future.

More about Floating Point Group.

Our Team:We are technologists and we are builders. We spent years of our lives building some of the most frontier computer science systems. We've designed, built, and deployed distributed data capturing systems at AWS, natural language processing models at MIT, and data pipelines for cancer cell analysis. Many of us have founded businesses previously. We founded FPG with a single goal: to improve the digital asset financial ecosystem. But, more importantly, to enjoy every minute of building a company, creating a culture, and shipping a product. We are the FPG family, and we would love to meet you.