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H3 Space

United Kingdom

$86k - $149k

H3 Space
$86k - $149k
United Kingdom

H3 Space is a remote first seed-funded start-up, working on an innovative architecture based web project and planning for Series A funding. Our team is distributed across Europe, the US and South Korea.

You will join a team of developers working on an NFT platform for designers and investors. It will be the first NFT marketplace allowing to trade, collect and share 3D assets which have been created by architects and designers. We are team players, reliable, efficient, and self-reliant. We value quality code and want to make an impact with the work we do.

Our team of visionary and inventive creators are collaborating together to create new opportunities and build a better future. By working with us, you can make a positive impact on the revolution of the architecture and design industry. Our innovative mission needs passionate talent to bring it to life.

We believe deep concentration is essential for great progress, that is why we aim to minimise distractions/notifications/interruptions and use asynchronous communication as much as possible. You can “disappear” in your work for hours on end and use time in between tasks to catch up on communication, task updates etc. Meetings are minimised, short and efficient and almost always scheduled in advance.

Our code architecture is designed with the Unix philosophy in mind, each module is separate, does one thing well and is highly scalable.

We strongly believe in test driven design principles: each of our modules, as well as their inter-dependence, is covered with many automated tests which are developed along with changes to the codebase, not put off for later.

The code architecture is owned by a dedicated CTO and you will have a say in the general system architecture. Project timeline is continuously maintained and adjusted, making sure that any delays are predicted in advance, minimising or eliminating a culture of overtime due to poor planning.

Tech stack is based on .NET, Kubernetes, AWS EC2.


  • Develop, maintain and improve backend/frontend code interfacing with blockchain technologies.
  • Know all parts of the system and be ready to jump in and help others if needed.
  • Involve in regular code reviews with peers.
  • Write automated unit/integration/regression tests for backend microservices.
  • Staying ahead in technology trends for frontend / backend and blockchain.
  • Blockchain / smart contract development.
  • Experience in deploying blockchain infrastructure.

Required skills

  • 5+ years of development experience.
  • Mastery of frontend or backend development, with experience across the full stack or Back-end development.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Front-end development: React.
  • Experience with database technologies such as SQL and MongoDB.
  • Experience deploying with cloud infrastructure providers like AWS.
  • Experience building highly scalable apps and event-driven systems.
  • Experience working with API Gateways.
  • Knowledge of web application security best practices.
  • Experience developing REST APIs.
  • Experience working in CI/CD setup like Github Actions and Gitlab CI.
  • High testing standards for yourself and for others: the expectation of rigorous unit testing, integration testing and component testing where appropriate.

Bonus points

  • Interest / experience with DevOps topics.
  • Experience with Docker and/or Kubernetes.
  • General interest in Computer science and engineering topics outside of web development.

What we provide

  • Competitive salary, dependent on experience.
  • Amazing benefits package.
  • Stock options.
  • Fully remote work with the option to relocate / work in an office in the future if you wish to.
  • Stimulative environment and highly competent and ambitious colleagues to teach and learn from.

H3 Space focuses on Marketplaces, Apps, Software, Technology, and Architecture. Their company has offices in Europe, United States, and United Kingdom. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://h3space.net/