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Growth Marketer

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Who We Are
Laplus is the first AI-driven sports-fi product, leading the charge in the sports prediction and fan engagement space. We are a dynamic and innovative team committed to transforming the sports experience by leveraging cutting-edge technology and AI analytics to create a vibrant, engaging platform for sports enthusiasts.

The Role
As the Growth Marketer for Laplus, your mission is to catapult our brand into the limelight, turbocharging our market presence and propelling our brand recognition into the stratosphere. You will be the maestro orchestrating our market penetration strategy, fostering an indomitable community spirit around our brand. With a keen eye on analytics and a creative heart, you will craft captivating campaigns, engender steadfast loyalty, and steer the growth of our platform.

You’ll Get to:

Ideate and implement magnetic marketing campaigns that skyrocket Laplus's visibility and foster community engagement.
Manage and amplify Laplus’s digital footprint across multiple social media arenas.
Produce compelling content, from stunning visuals to insightful articles, aligning with our brand and optimizing for engagement.
Drive the Laplus loyalty initiative, solidifying user engagement and nurturing brand allegiance.
Devise and execute robust growth strategies that spike platform utilization, user involvement, and revenue escalation.
Decode performance metrics, weaving data into actionable insights to turbocharge marketing efficacy.
Synchronize with product aficionados to fine-tune user journeys, anchoring strategies in user feedback and data-driven insights.
Stay abreast of the sports industry pulse, leveraging sector insights to spearhead future growth ventures.

Who We Are Looking For:

A seasoned growth marketing virtuoso with at least 5 years in the ring, with startup experience being a knockout factor.
A social media heavyweight with a track record of captivating audience engagement.
A data-driven strategist, fluent in the language of metrics and the rhythm of growth models.
A self-motivated initiator, adept at steering projects amidst the fast-paced dynamics of startup culture.
A creative maverick, with an innate passion for sports and community-building.

Bonus Points If You Have:
Experience in the sports or sports-fi industry.
Mastery in managing loyalty programs.
A portfolio showcasing video content creation, particularly in fast-paced platforms like TikTok or Reels.

Benefits & Perks:
A remote-first workplace, with biannual company retreats.
Competitive health coverage and retirement plans.
An unlimited vacation policy to ensure work-life harmony.
A generous monthly stipend for your professional needs.
A meeting-light culture, with a focus on productivity and innovation.

Salary & Compensation:
A competitive salary that matches your expertise and passion.
An attractive equity package that grows with our collective success.

Our Culture:
At Laplus, we are a collective of doers, thinkers, and innovators. We’re not just a team; we're a collective that thrives on autonomy and action. We challenge not to contest but to perfect, trust to triumph, and learn to lead. We measure success not by our own strides but by the victories of our community.

About Laplus:
Laplus is at the forefront of blending sports prediction with the verve of AI. Our technology is the canvas on which we paint a new future for sports engagement. Backed by a powerhouse of technical intellect, we're ready to sprint into the future and redefine the sports-fi space.

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