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Senior Product Designer

Luma AI

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Senior Product Designer

Palo Alto, California
Design /
Full Time
/ Hybrid

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Luma’s mission is to build multimodal AI to expand human imagination and capabilities.

We believe that multimodality is critical for intelligence. To go beyond language models and build more aware, capable and useful systems, the next step function change will come from vision. So, we are working on training and scaling up multimodal foundation models for systems that can see and understand, show and explain, and eventually interact with our world to effect change.

Luma is looking for a multi-disciplinary Product Designer to join the Design team. As the second hire on the Design Team, you will have immense impact on shaping the future of human-machine relationship and interactions built for an AI-native products. The role of Design at Luma is to paint the vision of what can be. You will be a key member in establishing the culture of design at Luma.

You will get to collaborate with a truly world class and highly cross-functional team of creatives and builders who have built and designed products at companies like Apple, Microsoft, Meta, OpenAI as well as researchers who have written seminal papers on technologies like NERFs and Diffusion Models.

What’s expected

    • Experience building delightful and innovative consumer and prosumer applications at scale for multiple platforms
    • Exceptional taste in visual design and prolific at producing pixel-perfect designs
    • Design and prototype intuitive and novel interactions for AI-native medium
    • Product thinking and dealing with ambiguous problems
    • Finding applications for new technologies and models that are grounded in current and potential future needs of people
    • Understand the shape of progress in AI and have foresight of where things can and should go next
    • Experience in other interactive media like 3D, game design and/or video production is a plus
    • Ability to articulate and communicate design vision and execution details to a cross functional team

Startup Mindset

    • Value velocity and execution.
    • Communicate clearly.
    • Focus on building what will matter to users and the product.
    • Be resourceful at finding creative ways to overcome challenges.


    • Equity grant to reflect the incredible value you will bring to Luma, with annual refreshes.
    • Excellent salary and benefits.
    • Full health, dental, and vision coverage.
    • Latest and greatest gear.
    • Stipends towards wellness, house cleaner, and phone/internet.
    • Unlimited paid time off with 12 days minimum.
    • Unlimited sick days.
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