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FullStack Blockchain Developer

$60k - $90k

This job is closed

Who are we?
Mercatorium is a Web3, Patreon-like membership platform, especially made for traders that allows them to create and maintain communities, leverage them and get paid easily through subscriptions, tips or one-time payments.

What are we looking for?
Please note that this is a Co-Founder position and its not a paid one, until we get a funding. Our founder is an experienced product designer who's looking for a partner to build the product from the ground up and turn it into a profitable business.

Apply if you're:

  • Truly enthusiastic about the project idea and what to play a crucial role into bringing the product to life.
  • Willing to brainstorm, give feedback and collaborate with our founder on product features.
  • Experienced with building smart contracts for blockchain projects, utilizing cryptocurrency payments.

Bonus if you're a day trader or a trading enthusiast in general.

Mercatorium focuses on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain / Cryptocurrency, and Web3. Their company has offices in Skopje. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at