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Software Engineer Ethereum Solidity

$100k - $150k

This job is closed

At MetisDao, we are set to revolutionize the Ethereum ecosystem for the future. You will have a chance to take the opportunity to move decentralized application development to the mainstream.

You will be part of the core Ethererum Layer2 engineering team, building the next evolution of the Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, which the Metis ecosystem will be based on. Ready to be part of the new future? Apply now to join a highly engaged and innovative team.

Simple job requirement:

  1. Strong practical Ethereum Solidity smart contract development experience (> 2 years)
  2. Be quick to learn new technology. Yes, there will be a lot of new things to learn!
  3. Be a self-motivator. We are a fully remote and distributed team.

Please share your GitHub projects when applying. Thank you!

MetisDAO focuses on Blockchains and Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in Toronto. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at