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OmniSelf Inc.
$72k - $112k est.
United States US

CEO and Co-Founder, Digital Human Technology.

** Please note that this is an EQUITY-BASED role. Candidates should be willing to work for equity/ownership of the business (NOT a match for candidates expecting a salary).
We are looking for someone who can build with us and own part of the business **

We seek a dynamic, inspirational CEO to develop and lead the strategy for the growth of our innovative digital human startup. Our new CEO will work with the company's founder to define goals and implement strategic plans.

We are in the process of fundraising. Our new CEO must have proven startup and fundraising experience, as we are looking for someone with an understanding of scaling a business. Please don't apply if you don't meet these requirements.

OmniSelf is an innovative digital human company focused on helping brands find new revenue streams through the latest digital human technology.

We are currently focused on creating digital-first clothing brands and enabling existing brands to transition smoothly to AR, VR, and the metaverse.

We focus on helping the fashion industry become more sustainable and efficient in its global value chain.

• Fundraising.
• Business Scaling. Build|Sell|Lead
• Open networking to bring new partnerships and new customers.
• Bring possible prospects.
• Create more brand awareness.
• Prioritize key areas of opportunity within proposed new business lines.

Key Attributes:
• Strong entrepreneurial mindset and experience.
• Startup and fundraising experience.
• Enthusiastic about digital avatars, digital fashion, web 3.0 also known as the metaverse, NFT, and blockchain and technologies.
• Developed networking.
• Commercial Perspective.
• Create long-term relationships with team, prospects, and clients.
• Constantly investigate trends and resources to repower processes and structures in coworking.
• Accountable (Responsible with timings and project objectives from the beginning to the end.
• Lead prospects.

• Effective and interactive communication.
• Transparency and honesty.
• Solutions, not complaints.
• Learn and prepare.

This is a co-founder position, which means you will receive equity in return for your work.

You will have a 5% to 10% share, depending on your skill set, experience, and achievements.

Every term is negotiable. You will receive a salary following an investment.

We will have a shareholder's agreement and vesting period. We can set up an online meeting to talk about this unique opportunity in detail.

If you are interested in this position, please submit your application with a CV and cover letter.

Please email [email protected] stating why you are interested and the value you will bring to the company.